Holiday Park Hot Tubs

ZonoWellness: Elevating Your Holiday Park Experience

As a trusted authorized dealer for Catalina Spas, ZonoWellness proudly presents our curated Holiday Park Hot Tubs collection. With a legacy rooted in Catalina, a pioneering name in the UK spa industry, our hot tubs redefine holiday luxury for your valued guests.

With over 25 years of industry leadership, Catalina has been at the forefront of introducing spas and swimspas to holiday homes and rentals in the UK. Our expertise is backed by being among the first to integrate auxiliary heating systems like heat pumps and heat exchangers, utilizing bio mass boilers.

A New Dimension of Holiday Bliss

Picture enhancing a good holiday into an unforgettable experience. By featuring a Catalina Spa in your holiday rental properties, you not only boost their allure but also amplify your investment's value. Our hot tubs act as premium assets, driving returns and elevating profits.

Setting the Standard of Compliance

Rest easy knowing that all our Holiday Park Hot Tubs adhere strictly to the HSG282 compliance standards. Your guests' safety and satisfaction are paramount, and our range aligns with the industry's highest benchmarks.

Discover unparalleled relaxation, luxury, and profitability with our exclusive Holiday Park Hot Tubs. ZonoWellness, in collaboration with Catalina Spas, invites you to redefine the holiday experience for your guests and unlock your rental properties' true potential.