Catalina Eco 4kW Heat Pump

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Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Comfort with Catalina Eco Heat Pumps – Exclusively at ZonoWellness

Discover a revolutionary solution for optimal heating and cooling efficiency with the renowned Catalina Eco Heat Pumps, available exclusively through ZonoWellness. Catalina Eco Heat Pumps redefine the way you experience warmth by utilizing advanced technology to maximize energy transfer, all while minimizing environmental impact.

The Science Behind Heat Pumps:

At the heart of every Catalina Eco Heat Pump lies the intricate science of heat transfer. These innovative devices are designed to move heat from a lower temperature source to a higher temperature destination. They harness the properties of a specialized fluid, known as a refrigerant, which evaporates and condenses to facilitate this temperature exchange.

Coefficient of Performance (COP): Unlocking Unparalleled Efficiency:

The Coefficient of Performance (COP) is a pivotal measure of a heat pump's efficiency. While a conventional electric resistance heater typically boasts a COP of 1.0, the Catalina Eco Heat Pump redefines efficiency standards. In optimal conditions, a mere joule of electrical energy results in several joules of usable heat. This efficiency is reflected in the Catalina Eco Heat Pump's impressive COP of up to 6.8, making it a powerhouse of energy conversion.

Why Choose Catalina Eco Heat Pumps?

  • Minimal Energy Consumption: Enjoy exceptional heating while conserving energy. Catalina Eco Heat Pumps are designed to consume only a small amount of electrical energy, ensuring you stay comfortable without straining resources.

  • Significant Energy Savings: Witness a remarkable reduction in energy bills, up to 80% in savings. Catalina Eco Heat Pumps ensure efficient energy utilization, contributing to a more sustainable future.

  • Comprehensive Warranty: Rest assured with a 3-year full guarantee, highlighting the confidence in the durability and performance of Catalina Eco Heat Pumps.

  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Experience tranquility alongside warmth. These heat pumps operate with minimal noise, preserving the serenity of your surroundings.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Embrace an eco-conscious choice. Catalina Eco Heat Pumps are designed to minimize environmental impact, making them a responsible choice for your heating needs.

  • Dual-Functionality: Explore the versatility of Catalina Eco Heat Pumps. They are engineered to provide both heating and cooling options, ensuring year-round comfort.

  • Low Maintenance: Experience hassle-free ownership. Catalina Eco Heat Pumps require minimal maintenance, letting you focus on enjoying the warmth.

  • Rust-Proof Cabinet: Revel in enduring quality. The rust-proof cabinet ensures longevity and aesthetic appeal, maintaining the device's performance for years to come.

Elevate Your Comfort with Catalina Eco Heat Pumps

  • Model: CAT-HP4

  • Heating Capacity (Air 27°C/Water 27°C, Water Flow 2200LPH): 4 kW

  • Power Consumption: 0.58 kW

  • COP: 6.9

  • Heating Capacity (Air 27°C/Water 40°C, Water Flow 1100LPH): 3 kW

  • Power Consumption: 0.66 kW

  • COP: 4.5

  • Heating Capacity (5°C/Water 40°C, Water Flow 1100 LPH): 2 kW

  • Power Consumption: 0.69 kW

  • COP: 2.9

  • Power Supply:

    • Voltage: 220-240 V
    • Frequency: 50 Hz
    • Rated Current: 3
  • Water Data:

    • Advised Water Flux: 1100-2200 LPH
    • Water Pipe In-Out Spec: 3/4"
  • General Data:

    • Compressor: Rotary
    • Air Flow: Horizontal
    • Noise at 10m: 35 dB (A)
    • Noise at 3m: 45 dB (A)
    • Noise at 1m: 47 dB (A)
  • Dimensions and Weight:

    • Net Dimension: 755 x 295 x 475 mm
    • Net Weight: 36 kg

Experience Optimal Heating Efficiency with ZonoWellness

Embrace the future of heating and cooling comfort with the Catalina Eco Heat Pumps, exclusively available through ZonoWellness. Elevate your indoor environment with advanced technology, unparalleled efficiency, and exceptional quality, delivered through the CAT-HP4 models. Enhance your comfort while reducing your carbon footprint with ZonoWellness, your ultimate destination for innovative wellness solutions.