Catalina Spas - Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic


Catalina Spas Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic

The Catalina Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic redefines the art of swim training, presenting the ultimate swim trainer that seamlessly marries performance with innovation. Its expansive tiled swim lane, powered by 4 pumps and 3 river swim jets, sets an unmatched standard. Elevate your aquatic workout with the addition of the Pro Swim system, a feature that promises to push your limits beyond imagination. Whether you seek the thrill of a fun pool or the intensity of a rigorous workout, the Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic delivers both with unmatched precision.

Elevate Your Swim Performance

The Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic is more than a swimspa; it's a state-of-the-art training hub. Its dynamic features, combined with the Catalina Pro-Swim system, offer an array of benefits for swimmers of all levels.

For the novice or hesitant swimmer, the Pro-Swim system assists in maintaining an optimal body position while overcoming resistance at peak effort. It fosters efficiency while building strength and bolstering confidence.

For the adept swimmer, the Catalina Pro-Swim enhances the experience of freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. For breaststroke, it offers precision in adjusting and refining pull and kick techniques individually. Similarly, it refines backstroke through maintaining a steady head position.

For the endurance swimmer, professionals, or swimming trainers, the Freestyle Aquadynamic paves the way for sustained swimming sessions without repetitive turns. It's an ideal platform for perfecting stroke technique, such as steady head positioning and fluid shoulder rotation. Coaches can fine-tune strokes while the swimmer remains stationary, enabling real-time adjustments.

A Vision in Versatility

With dimensions of 4270mm x 2280mm x 1300mm and an approximate volume of 6500 liters, the Freestyle Aquadynamic offers a spacious and tailored space for your aquatic endeavors. Weighing approximately 1330kg, it's engineered for durability and functionality.

Immersive Illumination

The Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic is not just a swimspa; it's a visual masterpiece. Delight in the brilliance of 8 LED crystal water features, 8 LED underwater side lights, and LED illuminated controls. Radiate with the glow of 8 LED underwater lights and LED perimeter lights that enhance your experience.

Designed for Excellence

Every facet of the Freestyle Aquadynamic reflects excellence. From the galvanized steel frame and synthetic cabinet to advanced insulation techniques, this swimspa embodies structural integrity and energy efficiency.

A Symphony of Features

With 3 seats, 3 river jets, 66 hydrotherapy jets, a stand-up massage position, LED underwater lights, and crystal water features, the spa section offers a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness. Embrace the Pro Swim system, exercise equipment, and the elegance of tiled waterline and swimlane inclusions.

A Dedication to Quality

With a 10-year warranty covering both shell and equipment, the Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic is a commitment to enduring quality and aquatic excellence.

Elevate Your Swim Regime with Catalina Spas Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic

The Catalina Spas Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic is a testament to innovation, performance, and dedication to swim training. Whether you're an aspiring swimmer or a seasoned professional, this swimspa offers a gateway to elevated aquatic performance. Embrace the future of swim training with the Freestyle 14 Aquadynamic – where every stroke is a step toward excellence.