Catalina Spas - Marathon Swimspa (Single Temp)


Introducing the All New Catalina Spas Marathon (Single Temp): 

Discover the epitome of aquatic excellence with the revolutionary All New Catalina Spas Marathon (Single Temp). This exceptional swimspa is meticulously designed to cater to both families and ardent swimming enthusiasts, seamlessly merging exhilarating exercise routines with serene relaxation.

A Swim Experience Like No Other

Embark on a journey of invigorating aquatic fitness with the prowess of the 3 adjustable river jets. These powerful jets create a broad and intense water flow, catering to the most seasoned swimmers while accommodating varied exercise regimens like jogging and upper body resistance workouts.

Luxury in Every Detail

Indulgence meets innovation as the spa end welcomes you with seating for five, including a lavish lounger. Immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility, where 27 stainless steel hydrotherapy jets provide an uninterrupted passage to relaxation. Adding to this opulence are the enchanting Pop-up LED water fountains, LED underwater lights, and captivating LED perimeter lights. Elevate the ambiance with the integrated Bluetooth music system paired with a subwoofer, creating an atmosphere of pure delight. The All New Catalina Spas Marathon is the ultimate embodiment of aquatic luxury.

Experience Wellness and Pleasure

This swimspa represents the perfect harmony between holistic wellness and leisure. Whether you seek the health benefits of regular swim sessions or desire the therapeutic embrace of warm water, the All New Catalina Spas Marathon caters to your aspirations.

A Feast for the Senses

Boasting dimensions of 5850mm x 2280mm x 1480mm and an impressive volume of 8800 liters, the All New Catalina Spas Marathon exudes both grandeur and functionality. With a dry weight of 780kg, its sturdiness is paired with elegance.

Seamless Mastery of Control and Purity

Operational excellence is assured with the sophisticated Balboa control system. The combined prowess of Ozone and UV purification guarantees impeccable water quality, securing a pristine swim experience.

Elevate Your Aquatic Lifestyle

Elevate your aquatic lifestyle with the All New Catalina Spas Marathon, a testament to Catalina Spas' unwavering commitment to innovation and luxury. With 3 adjustable river jets, 27 hydrotherapy jets, and an array of exquisite features, this swimspa redefines excellence in aqua-centric living.

The Promise of Excellence

Enveloped in 50mm Foam Shell Insulation, 20mm Foam Cabinet Insulation, and 20mm Foam Base Insulation, the All New Catalina Spas Marathon ensures exceptional energy efficiency. Its cabinet support frame, constructed from 304 Stainless Steel, embodies robust durability.

Your Aquatic Sanctuary Awaits

Journey into the future of aquatic indulgence with the All New Catalina Spas Marathon (Single Temp). This is more than a swimspa; it's a testament to the fusion of wellness, relaxation, and innovation.

Elevate your aquatic lifestyle today.