Catalina Spas - Relay 18 Dual Temperature


Catalina Spas Relay Dual Temp Swimspa:

The Catalina Spas Relay Dual Temp Swimspa is a captivating embodiment of aquatic luxury and innovation. This remarkable dual temperature swimspa transcends conventional swimspa design, offering a truly customizable experience. Whether you seek a warm and soothing spa retreat or a refreshing swimming session, the Relay empowers you to choose your desired temperature zones, ensuring both relaxation and exercise meet your preferences.

An Oasis of Versatility

The Relay's unique distinction lies in its dual temperature functionality. It artfully combines a tranquil spa end with seating for 5 individuals and a practical swimming end, providing a rejuvenating contrast. Separated by an innovative transparent dividing wall, you can indulge in a warm, indulgent spa experience while enjoying a separate cooler swimming area, tailored to your desired temperature.

The Ultimate Aquatic Retreat

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury, where elegance meets technology. The Relay comes complete with an array of features that epitomize aquatic indulgence. Embrace the vitality of the Catalina exercise equipment, and let 10 crystal fountains and 2 waterfalls adorned with LED lights serenade your senses. Revel in the mesmerizing LED underwater lighting system, LED jets, and controls that elevate your experience. Adding a musical note, the Relay is equipped with a Bluetooth music system with a subwoofer, creating a harmonious aquatic retreat.

A Dimension of Opulence

With dimensions measuring 5440mm x 2280mm x 1370mm and an approximate volume of 8800 liters, the Relay offers a spacious canvas for aquatic enjoyment. Weighing approximately 1600kg, it's meticulously crafted to ensure enduring quality and pleasure.

An Illuminated Haven

Experience a symphony of light with 8 LED underwater lights, 6 LED step lights, LED control valves, and enchanting LED perimeter lights. Allow yourself to be captivated by 2 cascading water features and 8 LED crystal water features, transforming your aquatic oasis into a radiant haven.

Empowerment through Design

The Relay is more than a swimspa; it's a testament to ingenuity. It's meticulously designed with a galvanized steel frame, a synthetic cabinet, and advanced insulation techniques to ensure both structural integrity and efficiency.

Your Aquatic Symphony Awaits

With 42 stainless hydrotherapy jets, a heated air blower, and 2 LED crystal water features, the spa end is a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation. Meanwhile, the pool section boasts 3 river swim jets, 8 LED underwater side lights, and 6 LED crystal water features, designed to enhance your swimming experience.

A Commitment to Excellence

The Relay Dual Temp Swimspa is more than an acquisition; it's an investment in relaxation and vitality. With a 10-year warranty for both shell and equipment, Catalina Spas stands firmly behind the quality of their creation.

Redesign Your Aquatic Lifestyle with Catalina Spas Relay Dual Temp Swimspa

Embark on a journey where indulgence meets innovation. Embrace the dual temperature allure of the Catalina Spas Relay Dual Temp Swimspa – where relaxation and invigoration converge in perfect harmony.