Catalina Spas - Signature Range - CX-6


Experience Luxury in the All-New Catalina Signature CX-6 Hot Tub: Elevating Comfort and Design

Elevate your relaxation experience with the Catalina Signature CX-6 Hot Tub, the evolved and enhanced version of the beloved CS-6. As an authorized dealer, ZonoWellness brings you the CX-6, a spa that introduces an array of upgrades to the popular CS-6 model. This spa offers an exquisite blend of seating options, boasting varied jet layouts, a contoured lounger, and headrests for optimal comfort. With 38 high-performance jets delivering an exceptional massage experience, the CX-6 spa takes relaxation to new heights. Enjoy an integrated Bluetooth™ sound system, enchanting perimeter LED lighting, dual pop-up water features, and cabinet lighting that further enrich your spa journey.

Luxurious Dimensions and Enhanced Design

  • Dimensions (mm): 2250 x 2250 x 950
  • Impressive volume of approximately 1600 Litres
  • Weight: Approx. 360 kg
  • Accommodates 6 individuals in comfort

Unparalleled Hydrotherapy Experience

  • 38 Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets provide a revitalizing massage

Immersive Entertainment and Illumination

  • Experience the integrated Balboa Digital Control System for seamless operation
  • Bluetooth Music System with Subwoofer for a personalized audio journey
  • Revel in the LED Cabinet Lights, LED Perimeter Lights, LED Underwater Light, and LED Pop-up Water Features for a captivating ambiance

Engineered Excellence and Insulation

  • Comprehensive insulation with 50mm Foam Shell Insulation, 20mm Foam Cabinet Insulation, and 20mm Foam Base Insulation
  • 304 Stainless Steel Cabinet Support Frame ensures durability
  • Synthetic cabinet with integrated LED lighting offers both aesthetics and longevity

Complete Package for Convenience

  • Chemical Starter Kit included for easy maintenance
  • Chlorine Feeder for water sanitation
  • Insulation Cover for heat retention and protection

Guaranteed Quality and Warranty

  • Warranty: 5 Years for Shell & Structure, 2 Years for Equipment & Plumbing
  • Embrace Catalina's legacy of quality and indulge in peace of mind

Reimagine relaxation with the Catalina Signature CX-6 Hot Tub, exclusively available through ZonoWellness. Immerse yourself in luxury, elevate your hydrotherapy experience, and redefine what ultimate comfort means.