FT-Line VE Water Filter System


Introducing the FT-Line VE Water Filter System

Experience the excellence of the FT-Line VE model, a top-notch inline filter system designed to meet the needs of both domestic and commercial users who desire enhanced taste, odor, and limescale treatment. This high-quality system offers a reliable and convenient solution, with easy maintenance and cost-effective operation.

Versatile Installation Options

The FT-Line VE Water Filter System is suitable for various settings, making it a versatile choice. It can be used with a separate tap or seamlessly integrated with a 3-way tap for installation in residential environments.

Perfect for Commercial Applications

In commercial settings, this system proves invaluable for applications such as coffee and espresso machines, vending machines, and drinking water fountains. The filters effectively safeguard your equipment from limescale buildup and noticeably enhance the taste of water, ensuring exceptional quality and satisfaction.

Convenient Tube Set and Connectors

The FT-Line VE Water Filter System comes with a tube set that includes an inlet connector of 3/8"-3/8"-1/4". The package also includes a 1 LPM flow restrictor, which easily fits onto the outlet tubing. Fixing screws are included to ensure a secure installation. Additionally, the system comes with 2 meters of 3/8" tubing, providing the necessary materials for a hassle-free setup.

Embrace the FT-Line VE Water Filter System for improved water quality, exceptional performance, and reliable operation.