Iced Tub - iCed42 Ice Bath

SKU 100002

Introducing The  iCed42 Ice Bath - Your Path to Cold Therapy and Relaxation

Welcome to iCed42, the ice bath designed to offer an unmatched cold therapy experience for individuals and groups alike. Whether you prefer a solo retreat or a shared wellness session, iCed42 has you covered.

Sleek Design for Your Comfort

iCed42 features a round, crisp design with a glossy mirror-like finish, radiating elegance. While it's perfect for single-person cold therapy, it easily accommodates two or more people. You can even customize the seating for larger groups.

Craftsmanship and Quality Materials

Each iCed42 ice bath is handmade with care, making it a unique masterpiece with its own story. It's built with durable wood like French Oak and Acacia, ensuring long-lasting strength.

Quality and Longevity Assured

iCed42 is crafted for durability, resistant to mold and decay. The special coating adds protection against the sun, elements, and cleaning agents.

Experience the iCed42 Difference

Elevate your wellness journey with iCed42 and indulge in the world of rejuvenation and cold therapy. Embrace the wonders of this ice bath and cherish the countless benefits it brings to your life