Iced Tub - iCedArc Ice Bath

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Iced Tub - iCedArc Ice Bath:

Discover the iCedArc Ice Bath - Your Path to Serenity and Wellness

Are you seeking a serene escape from stress and anxiety? Look no further than the iCedArc Ice Bath, where pure bliss meets exceptional wellness benefits. Our ice bath is thoughtfully designed to accommodate your comfort and togetherness. With ample space for two people, you can bask in rejuvenating moments solo or share the experience with loved ones.

Premium Design, Crafted with Care

The iCedArc Ice Bath boasts an elegant smooth oval shape, meticulously handcrafted from premium wood material. Coated with organic epoxy, this masterpiece gleams with a glossy mirror effect, while standing resilient against rot and decay. Our modified seating ensures both you and your companion can enjoy the ice bath comfortably, side by side.

Each Ice Bath is a Unique Work of Art

Our ice baths are exclusively handmade-to-order, offering a touch of personalization to suit your preferences. Revel in the allure of individuality, as each bath showcases its story through the light and dark-coloured rings of the wood. A true testament to nature's beauty!

Durable and Long-Lasting - Quality Assured

With unwavering dedication to quality, our wood material is naturally resistant to mould and decay, ensuring long-lasting durability. The specially applied coating safeguards the wood from sun exposure, external elements, and cleaning chemicals, preserving its pristine allure for years to come.