Iced Tub - ICedRider - Portable Ice Bath

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Introducing iCedRider - Your Portable Ice Bath for Convenient Cold Therapy

Welcome to iCedRider, the ultimate portable ice bath designed for comfort and convenience during your cold therapy sessions. Whether you prefer a solo experience or wish to share the benefits with a partner, iCedRider ensures a rejuvenating and revitalizing journey, wherever you go.

Smart Design for Optimal Comfort

iCedRider serves as a versatile single-person cold therapy training tool, yet it easily accommodates two people, promoting a shared wellness experience. Its elliptical shape features robust 8cm thick walls, providing reliable stability for a relaxing and refreshing session.

iCedRider Dimensions: Length: 150cm, Width: 65cm, Height: 67cm.

Enhanced Flexibility with Chiller Compatibility

Enjoy the flexibility of iCedRider, which comes equipped with pre-set connectors, allowing you to use a chiller as desired. You can relish the invigorating cold therapy experience with or without a chiller, based on your preferences and requirements.

Durable and Portable for Any Setting

Built to withstand various environments, iCedRider is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This portable ice bath empowers you to take your wellness journey anywhere you desire, ensuring revitalization on-the-go.

What's Included with iCedRider

When you order iCedRider, you'll receive a complete package to enhance your cold therapy journey:

  • 1 Portable ice bath
  • 1 Hand pump
  • Repair patch
  • Ice bath cover
  • Convenient back bag to carry all items effortlessly
Experience the Convenience and Effectiveness of iCedRider

Unlock the incredible benefits of cold therapy with iCedRider. Embrace wellness and rejuvenation wherever life takes you, as this portable ice bath becomes your ideal companion in your pursuit of optimal well-being. Choose iCedRider for a refreshing and invigorating cold therapy experience like no other.