Iced Tub - UltiM Classic Ice Bath Cooler

SKU 200001

Introducing UltiM-Classic Cooling Unit - Your Optimal Choice for Freezing Temperatures

Discover the exceptional features of the UltiM-Classic cooling unit, designed and optimized for freezing temperatures to deliver the ultimate cooling experience. With its remarkable capabilities, this chiller can achieve temperatures of up to 1 degree and slightly below, ensuring an invigorating and rejuvenating cold therapy session.

Powerful Performance in a Compact Design

The UltiM-Classic cooling unit combines a compressor engine and copper tubing for efficient refrigeration, providing you with unmatched power in a compact and space-saving design. Experience the potency of this cooling unit as it elevates your cold therapy to new heights.

Built-in Filtration and Purification

Benefit from the built-in double filtration and pump system of the UltiM-Classic cooling unit. The water circulation pump and priming system, combined with a water filter and OZONE purifier, eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, delivering a safe and hygienic cold therapy experience.

Safety Air System

The UltiM-Classic cooling unit incorporates a safety air system that automatically stops the water pump if air is accidentally sucked in, safeguarding the pump from potential breakdowns and enhancing its longevity.

Experience the Ultimate Benefits

Discover a plethora of wellness benefits with the UltiM-Classic cooling unit, including stress reduction, increased energy and endurance, faster recovery, enhanced focus and mental clarity, mood enhancement, detoxification, improved immunity, boosted metabolism, and fat burning. Embrace the transformative effects of cold therapy on your overall well-being.

Choose UltiM-Classic for Optimal Cold Therapy

Unleash the power of cold therapy with the UltiM-Classic cooling unit. Elevate your experience with its freezing temperature capabilities and cutting-edge safety features. Immerse yourself in the world of rejuvenation and wellness with the UltiM-Classic cooling unit - the ultimate choice for your cold therapy journey. *Note that the cooler may look slightly different from the images shown.