InAir 150HRU Ceiling or Wall Mounted Units - Residential and Commercial c/w Controller

by InAir

Elevate Air Quality with InAir Heat Recovery Units – Now Available at ZonoWellness

Introducing the InAir Horizontal Slimline Ceiling or Wall Mounted Counter Flow Heat Recovery Unit, engineered to enhance indoor environments with an airflow rate of 150M³/h. This cutting-edge unit is meticulously designed for both domestic and commercial spaces, offering outstanding performance for schools, offices, surgeries, and beyond.

General Features Delivering Unrivaled Performance:

  • Versatility Defined: Perfectly suited for domestic and commercial use, including schools, offices, surgeries, and more, providing a versatile solution for diverse environments.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Offering an affordable way to ensure optimal air quality in pools and spa rooms, making it an ideal investment.
  • Sleek and Compact: Easily integrates as a suspended ceiling or wall-mounted unit, combining aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.
  • Exceptional Heat Exchanger: Achieve up to 90% heat exchange efficiency, harnessing air energy while being environmentally conscious.
  • Electric & LPHW Water Heater: Tailor your comfort with electric and low-pressure hot water heaters, equipped with control options.
  • Energy Efficiency Leader: Compliant with ERP 2018 standards and boasting an A+ energy rating, ensuring maximum performance with minimal environmental impact.
  • Efficient Airflow: Ø100mm spigot connection ensures optimal ventilation, promoting a healthier indoor atmosphere.
  • Advanced Filtration: Opt for the optional 4-layer HEPA filter with up to 99% efficiency for enhanced air purity.
  • Built to Last: Crafted with a galvanized steel sheet case for durability and reliable component protection.
  • Enhanced Noise Control: Equipped with internal acoustic fiber for reduced noise levels, creating a quieter environment.
  • Optimized Impellers: Incorporates hi-efficiency forward-curved impellers for optimal airflow distribution.

Setting New Standards with InAir Heat Recovery Units:

The InAir line of heat recovery units is meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of the UK market. With airflow rates ranging from 350 to 550 m3/hour, low dB levels, and exceptional thermal efficiencies, InAir HRVUs are the ultimate choice for schools, nurseries, commercial buildings, offices, and civic structures.

Harness the Power of Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV) for Pools and Spas:

  • Continuous Fresh Air: Maintain a steady supply of fresh air for a healthier indoor environment.
  • Precise Humidity Control: Effectively manage humidity levels to ensure optimal comfort and well-being.
  • Pressure Management: Set a controlled pressure difference between spa/pool rooms and adjoining areas to prevent moisture migration.
  • Regulatory Compliance: InAir MHRV systems adhere to building regulations, ensuring top-tier quality and compliance.
  • Economical Operation: Experience cost-efficient operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Experience Excellence with InAir Heat Recovery Units – Exclusively at ZonoWellness:

Elevate your indoor atmosphere with the InAir Heat Recovery Unit available at ZonoWellness. Experience superior air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort, thanks to innovative technology that redefines performance, sustainability, and convenience.