InAir CDP IA40 Wall-Mounted Dehumidifier

by InAir

Experience Unparalleled Indoor Pool Comfort with InAir CDP IA40-50-70 Dehumidifiers – Exclusively at ZonoWellness

Elevate your indoor swimming pool comfort with the state-of-the-art InAir CDP IA40-50-70 Dehumidifiers, available exclusively through ZonoWellness, your trusted authorized dealer for InAir products. These dehumidifiers are meticulously designed to revolutionize indoor pool environments, boasting cutting-edge functionality, remarkable energy efficiency, and premium materials.

Innovative Features Enhancing Indoor Pool Luxury

Discover a new era of indoor pool comfort with the remarkable features of the CDP IA40-50-70 dehumidifiers:

Functional Excellence and Energy Efficiency: Experience enhanced functionality coupled with remarkable energy savings. These dehumidifiers are equipped with highly efficient fans and compressors, ensuring optimal energy utilization and cost-effective operation.

Unobtrusive Sound Profile: Immerse yourself in a tranquil pool environment. These dehumidifiers operate at impressively low sound levels, fostering a peaceful atmosphere for all your swimming endeavors.

Built to Last with Premium Materials: Revel in enduring performance. The evaporator and condenser coils are meticulously coated in epoxy for exceptional longevity, while the metal parts undergo meticulous powder-coating before assembly.

Advanced Remote Control for Effortless Control: Take charge of your indoor pool's humidity with unparalleled ease. The advanced remote-control option allows you to tailor your comfort effortlessly.

Seamless Adaptability with Additional Accessories: Personalize your dehumidification experience with supplementary accessories, such as a remote control, floor mounting kit, and an On/Off control valve.

Comprehensive Warranty for Peace of Mind: Experience worry-free ownership with the included 2-year warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

Technical Excellence for Unmatched Performance

  • Operating Range - Humidity: 40-100 (%RH)
  • Operating Range - Temperature: 10-36°C
  • Dehumidification Capacity at 28°C, RH 60: 34 l/d
  • Typical Size Pool Per Unit: 24' x 12'
  • Noise Level at 1m from Unit: 46dB
  • Maximum Ampere Consumption: 3.8 Amps
  • Weight: 57.5kg
  • Refrigerant: R407C
  • Quantity of Refrigerant: 0.7kg
  • Width: 1010mm
  • Depth: 326mm
  • Height: 770mm

Experience Optimal Indoor Pool Comfort with ZonoWellness

Elevate your indoor swimming pool ambience with the InAir CDP IA40-50-70 Dehumidifiers, exclusively available through ZonoWellness. Redefine your indoor pool environment with unparalleled humidity control, energy efficiency, and exceptional quality, all delivered through the IA40-50-70 models. Transform your swimming sanctuary with ZonoWellness, your ultimate destination for superior wellness solutions.