Lincoln Black Double Ended Small Freestanding Bath (1500mm x 750mm)


Elevate your bathing experience to a new level of sophistication with the Lincoln Modern Black Double Ended Freestanding Bath. Exclusively available through our reputable authorized dealer, ZonoWellness, this bath seamlessly marries traditional design elements with modern comfort features, delivering a bathing experience that's truly unparalleled.

Key Features:

Harmonious Double Ended Design:

  • Incorporates a double-ended bath design for symmetrical aesthetics
  • Presents a harmonious balance between traditional and contemporary elements

Uncompromised Craftsmanship:

  • Handcrafted using two pieces of sanitary grade CAST acrylic sheets
  • Enhanced with extra layers of fiber resin for superior heat retention and strength

Generously Sized Bath:

  • Dimensions: 1500mm x 750mm x 580mm
  • Offers ample space for luxurious and comfortable bathing experiences

Sleek Black Gloss Finish:

  • Boasts a Black Gloss Exterior Finish for a timeless and bold appearance
  • Infuses your bathroom with elegance and drama

Effortless Maintenance:

  • Acrylic material is easy to clean and maintain using warm soapy water
  • Ensures long-lasting beauty with minimal upkeep

Integrated Slotted Waste:

  • Features an integrated slotted waste for seamless aesthetics
  • Offers both functional convenience and design cohesion

Impressive Capacity:

  • Offers a capacious 175 liters to the overflow
  • Provides an indulgent bathing experience in a compact footprint

Lightweight Yet Durable:

  • Weighs approximately 56kg (without water)
  • Balances durability and ease of handling

Crafted for Uniqueness:

  • Handmade manufacturing process adds individuality
  • Dimensions may vary -/+ 5mm, showcasing artisanal craftsmanship

Benefits of Our Deluxe Freestanding Baths:

Certified Excellence:

  • Manufactured using CE and EN approved cast acrylic
  • Crafted to meet stringent CE standards for safety and quality assurance

Robust Acrylic Construction:

  • Employs both internal and external CAST acrylic sheets
  • Provides the convenience of repairing minor scratches using abrasive paper and polishing compound

Sturdy Bonding & Finishing:

  • Polyester-based resin bonding ensures structural integrity
  • Rigorously hand-finished and tested, conforming to CE standards for a flawless lustre

Decade-Long Assurance:

  • Offers an impressive 10-year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Ensures your confidence in the bath's enduring quality and performance

Elevate Your Bathing Ritual:

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and modernity with the Lincoln Modern Black Double Ended Freestanding Bath. Exclusively available through ZonoWellness, this bath encapsulates the essence of refined bathing, harmoniously merging aesthetics, comfort, and longevity.