Lincoln Nevada - Black Double Ended Freestanding Bath (1500mm x 800mm)

SKU LW-SFB45-Black

Elevate Your Bathing Experience:

Welcome to a new dimension of luxury and sophistication with the Lincoln Nevada Black Double Ended Freestanding Bath, available exclusively through our authorized dealer, ZonoWellness. Immerse yourself in a bath that's not just functional, but also an exquisite work of art that transforms your bathroom into a haven of relaxation.

Unveiling Modern Elegance and Comfort:

The Lincoln Nevada Black Freestanding Bath, measuring a compact 1500mm, is a masterpiece of modern design. Its double-ended structure, complemented by a sleek overflow and click clack waste, embodies both opulence and practicality. The Nevada Freestanding bath tub is meticulously molded from two 5mm sanitary grade acrylic sheets, layered with additional fiber resin for unrivaled heat retention.

Dimensions that Define Serenity:

At 1500mm x 800mm x 580mm, the Lincoln Nevada Black Bath encapsulates tranquility. Its Black Gloss Exterior Finish adds a touch of drama and sophistication to your bathroom space, creating a mesmerizing focal point.

Craftsmanship in Every Detail:

Handcrafted from two pieces of sanitary grade CAST acrylic sheets, this bath epitomizes quality and craftsmanship. The addition of extra layers of fiberglass resin enhances water heat retention while bolstering the bath's durability. Maintenance is a breeze with a simple wash using warm soapy water, preserving its radiant appearance.

Integrated Functionality and Elegance:

The Lincoln Nevada Black Bath is equipped with an integrated slotted waste, a seamless fusion of functionality and aesthetics. With a generous capacity of 235 liters and weighing approximately 75kg (without water), this bath ensures a lavish and rejuvenating bathing experience.

Quality and Assurance:

At Lincoln, we take pride in uncompromising quality. Our baths are meticulously crafted using CE and EN approved cast acrylic, guaranteeing durability and performance. They are all manufactured to CE standard approval, with both internal and external acrylic sheets being CAST Acrylic. These baths are bonded together using a polyester-based resin, ensuring robustness and solidity.

Indulge in Excellence:

Immerse yourself in the Lincoln Nevada Black Freestanding Bath and experience pure indulgence. Let its exquisite design cradle you in comfort, turning your bath into an unparalleled retreat.

Comprehensive Guarantee:

As with all our Baths, the Lincoln Nevada Black comes with a comprehensive manufacturer's product guarantee against manufacturing defects. This guarantee underscores our commitment to providing you with exceptional quality and peace of mind.

Transform your bathroom into a realm of sophistication and luxury with the Lincoln Nevada Black 1500mm x 800mm Double Ended Freestanding Bath, exclusively available through ZonoWellness. Experience the fusion of aesthetics, innovation, and relaxation that defines the Lincoln experience.