LW18 Left Handed Black Offset Quadrant Enclosure & Steam Shower Cabin (1200 x 800)


Introducing the LW18 1200 x 800 Steam Shower Cabin: Elevate Your Showering Experience

Experience the pinnacle of luxurious showering with the LW18 1200 x 800 Steam Shower Cabin, available exclusively through our authorized dealer, ZonoWellness. Combining elegant design, cutting-edge features, and easy installation, this exceptional shower cabin is a testament to comfort and innovation.

Key Features of the LW18 1200 x 800 Steam Shower Cabin:

Effortless Installation:

  • No grouting or tiling required
  • Simple installation in your designated space
  • Connect to water and power for immediate use

Powerful Steam Generation:

  • 2.8KW Fast Start Steam Generator for swift steam production
  • Experience the soothing benefits of steam in no time

Sleek Design with a Black Finish:

  • 1200mm x 800mm size with elegant Black Glass finish
  • Clear front glass for an open and inviting atmosphere
  • Modern aesthetic that complements any bathroom

Left-Handed Model:

  • Left Hand Model design for enhanced convenience
  • Height of 2180mm, accommodating top shower hose connection

Intuitive Touch Control:

  • Touch Control Panel for modern and effortless shower control
  • Easily adjust settings to create your perfect shower experience

Musical Enhancement:

  • FM Radio for enjoying your favorite music stations
  • Transform your shower into a musical retreat

Effortless Glass Maintenance:

  • Lisna Waters' Unique Easy Clean Nano Glass Protection
  • Water and soap easily roll off for effortless glass cleaning

Wireless Music Streaming:

  • Bluetooth Music Connection for streaming music from your devices
  • Immerse yourself in music as you indulge in your shower

Chromatherapy Ambiance:

  • Chromatherapy Lighting changes color to set the perfect mood
  • Enhance your shower atmosphere with dynamic lighting

Crystal Clear Glass:

  • Easy Clean Protection for spotless and easily maintained glass
  • Enjoy clear glass with minimal effort

Revitalizing Massage Jets:

  • 6 Back Massage Jets for a personalized hydro massage
  • Targeted water flow for complete relaxation

Ultimate Comfort:

  • Modern Freestanding Stool included for added relaxation
  • Sit back and unwind during your rejuvenating steam session

Temperature Control Precision:

  • Shower Valve with Vernet Element and Thermostatic Sensor
  • Maintain your desired water temperature with accuracy

Luxurious Rain Shower:

  • Designer Stainless Steel Top Rain Shower for a lavish experience
  • Enjoy the sensation of gentle rain for complete refreshment

Invigorating Steam System:

  • Designer Tri-Jets Deluxe steam system for an invigorating session
  • Revitalize your body and mind with a luxurious steam treatment

Customizable Handheld Shower:

  • Modern Handheld Shower and Adjustable Slide Rail Kit
  • Tailor your shower experience to your comfort

Smooth Door Operation:

  • High Quality Quick Release Shower Door Rollers for durability
  • Effortless door movement for added convenience

Elegant Shower Handles:

  • Stainless Steel Shower Door Handles for a sophisticated touch
  • Elevate the cabin's aesthetics with sleek and durable handles

Easy Installation Package:

  • EasyPlumb Kit and Free Fitting Kit for stress-free assembly
  • Simplify installation for quicker enjoyment of your cabin

Hygienic Atmosphere:

  • Ozone Sterilization System for a fresh and clean environment
  • Experience a sanitized and odor-free shower space

Optimized Air Circulation:

  • Circulator Fan enhances air circulation for comfort
  • Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere during your steam session

Smart Storage Solution:

  • Modern Glass Shelf for convenient storage
  • Keep your shower essentials within easy reach

Assured Performance:

  • 6 Year Guarantee upon registration (2 Year Guarantee otherwise)
  • Fully European CE Approved and Industry Standard ISO 9001 compliant

Elevate Your Shower Experience:

Experience the epitome of comfort and innovation with the LW18 1200 x 800 Steam Shower Cabin, available exclusively through ZonoWellness. Elevate your daily routine with a shower cabin that embodies luxury, style, and relaxation.