LW20 Left Handed Offset Quadrant & Hydro Shower Cabin Cubicle With Mirror (1200 x 800)


Elevate Your Showering Experience with the LW20 Offset Quadrant Hydro Shower Cabin

Introducing the LW20, a 1200 x 800 offset Quadrant Hydro Shower Cabin from Lisna Waters, available exclusively through our trusted authorized dealer, ZonoWellness. Indulge in the ultimate blend of technology, luxury, and convenience, as the LW20 transforms your daily shower routine into a rejuvenating spa-like experience.

Seamless Installation:

The LW20 Hydro Shower Cabin has been designed with your convenience in mind. No grouting or tiling is needed. Simply install the shower in your desired space, connect it to water and power, and bask in the pleasure of an indulgent shower.

Elegant Design:

The LW20 boasts sleek Mirror Glass Back Panels, enhanced with our proprietary EasyClean Nano finish. This innovative technology ensures that water and soap glide effortlessly off the glass, facilitating easy cleaning and maintaining the cabin's pristine appearance.

Key Features at a Glance:

Designer Top Rain Shower: Experience the Designer Stainless Steel Top Rain Shower with easy-clean water nozzles, delivering an invigorating drench showering experience.

Hydro Massage Bliss: The LW20 features 6 Back Massage Jets, strategically positioned on the central shower tower. Let the optimal water spray provide you with a soothing hydro massage, creating a truly relaxing experience.

Intelligent Control: The Thermostatic Sensor Shower Valve with Vernet Element guarantees precise temperature control, allowing you to tailor your shower to your desired comfort level.

Wireless Entertainment: Immerse yourself in the ambience of your choice with our 7 Colour LED Technology, complemented by LED coloured mood lighting. Enjoy your favorite music through FM Radio or Bluetooth pairing with your wireless device.

Stylish and Functional: The LW20 comes with a flip-down seat for added comfort and convenience. The Chromatherapy Lighting System enhances your shower experience by cycling through a range of 7 colors to create the perfect ambiance.

Comprehensive Assurance: Lisna Waters stands by the quality of its products. We offer a 6-Year Guarantee upon Registration*, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Complete Fitting Kit: Our EasyPlumb Kit includes a unique waste trap and flexible waste hose, ensuring a seamless installation. A Free Fitting Kit is also provided for added convenience.

Elevate Your Daily Ritual:

With the LW20 Offset Quadrant Hydro Shower Cabin, Lisna Waters invites you to elevate your daily showering ritual to new heights. Experience the synergy of modern design, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering luxury, all available exclusively through ZonoWellness. Treat yourself to the rejuvenation you deserve and redefine your concept of an at-home spa experience.