LW30 Black Quadrant Steam Shower (800mm x 800mm)

SKU LW30-b

Elevate Your Self-Care Ritual with the Lisna Waters LW30 Steam Shower Cabin

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with the Lisna Waters LW30 Steam Shower Cabin. Designed to redefine your daily routine, this exceptional 800 x 800 Quadrant steam shower cabin, boasting a captivating white glass backing, is now available through ZonoWellness, your authorized destination for Lisna Waters products.

Experience the epitome of rejuvenation and luxury with the Lisna Waters LW30 Steam Shower Cabin. This extraordinary cabin encapsulates cutting-edge design and exceptional functionality to elevate your self-care journey.

Sophisticated Aesthetics: The pristine white glass back panels enhance the allure of the 800 x 800 Quadrant design, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom.

Compact Design, Uncompromised Space: Despite its compact 800mm x 800mm dimensions, the LW30 perfectly fits into the corner of your bathroom, offering an inviting sense of space within the steam shower cabin.

Product Highlights:

Invigorating Steam: Revel in the luxury of the 2.8KW Steam Generator, enveloping you in a cocoon of soothing steam.

Captivating Visuals: The white glass back panels beautifully complement the aesthetics while enhancing your relaxation.

Revitalizing Massage: Experience the indulgence of 6 Back Massage Jets, providing a rejuvenating hydro massage experience.

Intuitive Control: Navigate effortlessly through your shower settings with the user-friendly Touch Control Panel.

Effortless Maintenance: The Easy Clean Protection ensures that maintaining your cabin's pristine appearance is a breeze.

Temperature Perfection: Benefit from the Shower Valve with Vernet Element, delivering a consistent and enjoyable water temperature.

Safety Assured: The Thermostatic Sensor guarantees your safety and comfort throughout your shower experience.

Sensory Entertainment: Immerse yourself in your favorite FM Radio stations or personalize your ambiance with Bluetooth Connection.

Luxurious Rainfall: Feel the sensation of a refreshing rain shower with the Designer Top Rain Shower.

Versatile Handheld Shower: The Handheld Shower and Slide Rail Kit offer convenience and flexibility during your shower.

Chroma Enhancements: Indulge in Chromatherapy Lighting, adding captivating hues to your relaxation.

Effortless Setup: The EasyPlumb Kit and Free Fitting Kit streamline the installation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Sanitation and Purity: The Ozone Sterilization System enhances hygiene and purity within the cabin.

Refreshing Circulation: Enjoy the Circular Fan that enhances air circulation while providing a gentle breeze.

Contemporary Storage: The Modern Glass Shelves offer storage space while complementing the cabin's aesthetics.

Quality Backed by Guarantee: Enjoy the confidence of the Lisna Waters 2 Year Guarantee, a testament to uncompromising quality.

Certified Excellence: Fully European CE Approved and compliant with Industry Standard ISO 9001 for unparalleled quality assurance.

Additional Comfort: As a bonus, receive a Wooden Stool that adds comfort and convenience to your shower experience.

Essential Requirements:

Pressure Range: Ensure optimal performance within the pressure range of 1.3 to 3.5 Bar.

Flow Rate: Maintain a flow rate of 12/14 litres per minute for an invigorating shower session.

Balanced Supply: For users with Combi Boilers, the Pressure Equalizing Valve is highly recommended to ensure balanced hot and cold water distribution to the shower unit.

Elevate your self-care to new heights with the Lisna Waters LW30 Steam Shower Cabin, exclusively available through ZonoWellness, your authorized dealer for Lisna Waters products. Redefine relaxation and indulge in the luxury of a steam shower experience that transforms your daily routine into a revitalizing ritual.