LW9 White 1200mm x 900mm Steam Shower Enclosure


Elevate Your Showering Experience with Lisna Waters' LW9 Rectangular Steam Shower Cabin

Introducing the LW9 Rectangular Steam Shower Cabin by Lisna Waters, available exclusively through our authorized dealer, ZonoWellness. With its impeccable design and advanced features, the LW9 promises to transform your daily routine into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of the LW9 Rectangular Steam Shower Cabin, designed to provide an oasis of serenity within your home.

Effortless Luxury: At 1200mm x 900mm, the LW9 is expertly designed to fit seamlessly into the corner of your bathroom or against a single wall, allowing you to maximize space without compromising on comfort.

Exceptional Features, Exquisite Design: Immerse yourself in a showering experience like no other, enhanced by the Designer Stainless Steel Top Rain Shower, LED-coloured mood lighting, and the soothing effects of the 6 Hydro-Massage Water Jets System.

Hassle-Free Enjoyment: Install the LW9 with ease and convenience—no grouting or tiling required. Simply connect to water and power, and your steam shower is ready for you to enjoy.

Features at a Glance:

Innovative Steam Generation: Experience the latest in steam generator technology with the 2.8KW Fast Start Steam Generator, producing steam in under a minute.

Timeless Elegance: The White Glass Back Panels with our EasyClean Nano finish not only exude elegance but also ensure easy maintenance.

Tailored Hydro-Massage: Enjoy the relaxation brought by the 6 Back Massage Jets, strategically positioned for optimal water spray.

Advanced Control and Sensing: Benefit from the Thermostatic Sensor Shower Valve with Vernet Element, ensuring your shower experience is comfortable and safe.

Immersive Sensory Experience: Indulge in the Chromatherapy Lighting, offering 7 Colour LED Technology to create a soothing atmosphere.

Integrated Technology: Stay connected and entertained with the FM Radio and Bluetooth Connection, allowing you to listen to music while unwinding.

Thoughtful Details: Experience the convenience of the Handheld Shower and Slide Rail Kit, along with modern Glass Shelves for your essentials.

Hygienic and Refreshing: The Ozone Sterilization System and Circular Fan contribute to a clean and rejuvenating shower experience.

Long-Lasting Assurance: Rest easy with the Lisna Waters 6 Year Guarantee upon registration*, showcasing our commitment to quality and durability.

Complete Package: The LW9 comes with a Touch Control Panel for easy operation, ensuring your shower experience is tailored to your preferences.

Certified Excellence: Lisna Waters ensures the LW9 Rectangular Steam Shower Cabin is Fully European CE Approved and complies with the Industry Standard ISO 9001.

Indulge in the unmatched comfort and sophistication of the LW9 Rectangular Steam Shower Cabin, available exclusively through ZonoWellness. Transform your bathing routine into a moment of ultimate relaxation and wellness.