LWS220 - Double Ended Curve White Freestanding Bath (1700mm x 800mm)

SKU LWS220-1700

Introducing the Lisna Waters Curve White Freestanding Bath: A Modern Marvel of Elegance

Elevate your bathroom space with the Lisna Waters Curve White Freestanding Bath, an embodiment of modern design and luxurious comfort. Available exclusively through our esteemed authorized dealer, ZonoWellness, this freestanding bath seamlessly merges contemporary aesthetics with exceptional functionality, creating an iconic centerpiece for your bathroom oasis.

Key Features of the Lisna Waters Curve White Freestanding Bath:

Modern Elegance:

  • A testament to modern design with its double-ended bath configuration
  • Boasts a sleek overflow and click clack waste for a polished and refined look

Luxurious Proportions:

  • Dimensions: 1700mm x 800mm x 590mm
  • Ample space for an indulgent bathing experience

Elevated Heat Retention:

  • Crafted from two pieces of sanitary-grade CAST acrylic sheets
  • Coated with additional layers of fiberglass resin for enhanced heat retention and structural strength

Impeccable Finish:

  • Showcases a pristine White Gloss Finish for a timeless and sophisticated appearance
  • Simplifies maintenance with easy-to-clean acrylic surface using warm soapy water

Integrated Slotted Waste:

  • Features an integrated chrome slotted waste for a seamless and modern look
  • Combines functionality and aesthetics in one elegant design element

Generous Capacity:

  • Offers an impressive capacity of 265 liters to the overflow
  • Invites you to unwind and luxuriate in an immersive bathing experience

Lightweight Durability:

  • Weighs approximately 55kg (without water)
  • Balances lightweight construction with robust durability

Handmade Excellence:

  • Handcrafted using meticulous manufacturing techniques
  • Artisanal touch ensures uniqueness, with dimensions varying -/+ 5mm, showcasing individuality

Benefits of Lisna Waters Freestanding Baths:

Certified Excellence:

  • Manufactured using CE and EN approved cast acrylic
  • Adheres to stringent CE standards for quality assurance and safety

Integrated Acrylic Construction:

  • Utilizes both internal and external CAST acrylic sheets
  • Enables minor scratch repair using abrasive paper and polishing compound

Robust Bonding & Outstanding Finish:

  • Bonds with polyester-based resin for structural solidity
  • Hand-finished and quality-tested to meet CE standards for a superior finish

Assured Longevity:

  • Backed by a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Ensures your investment is protected and secure

Elevate Your Bathing Space:

Discover the pinnacle of modern luxury with the Lisna Waters Curve White Freestanding Bath. Exclusively available through ZonoWellness, this bath is a masterpiece of design and functionality, seamlessly blending beauty, comfort, and durability into one exceptional bathing experience.