Master Massage 71cm GALAXY Portable Massage Table Package

SKU 10046

Introducing the Master Massage 70cm Galaxy Portable Massage Table - Elevate Your Massage Experience with Elegance and Luxury!

Sophisticated Design and Unmatched Comfort:

The Master Massage 70cm Galaxy Portable Massage Table is a statement of elegance and luxury. Its sophisticated Black on Black color theme sets it apart from other massage tables on the market, making it a visually stunning addition to any massage room or studio. Crafted with a focus on comfort, this table features a 7.6cm thick Memory Foam bed that provides unparalleled support and relaxation for your clients.

Premium Upholstery and Durability:

The Galaxy Massage Table boasts remarkably soft Black Italia upholstery, which not only exudes style and comfort but also ensures exceptional durability and reliability. The upholstery is oil and waterproof, making it easy to maintain and clean. It emits zero toxic odors, creating a pleasant and safe environment for your massage sessions. The framing of the table is specially designed to support up to an impressive 818kg, ensuring robust performance.

Environmentally Friendly Construction:

Master Massage prioritizes the health and safety of its users. The Galaxy Massage Table is made with CARB compliant wood for the bed and frame, guaranteeing that harmful Formaldehyde or Carcinogens are absent from the construction.

Unparalleled Comfort with Memory Foam:

The table's 8cm Multi-Layer Memory Small Cell Foam cushions provide luxurious comfort and support for clients during their massage sessions. The head cradle is equipped with a multi-position headrest that adjusts effortlessly with a simple flip of the handle, ensuring maximum comfort.

Exclusive Features for Enhanced Performance:

Master Massage has equipped the Galaxy Portable Massage Table with exclusive features for unmatched convenience and performance:

  • Square Corners: Proven by anatomical research to provide more relaxed support to the shoulder area.
  • Reiki Leg Panels: Double the thickness of regular leg panels, providing added strength for enhanced stability during treatments.
  • Black Hardwood Legs: Protected with a rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal finish, combining elegance and durability.
  • Auto-Lock Leg System: Sets up the table securely in seconds, streamlining the setup process for a hassle-free experience.
  • DUO-PLANE Hinges: Provide maximum strength at the center of your table, ensuring stability and durability.
  • Non-Skid, Non-Mark Foot Pads: Keep the table safe and secure on any floor surface.
  • Nylon Leg Buffers: Prevent wood legs from squeaking and wobbling.
  • Stabilizer Bar: Adds strength and helps with smooth opening and closing of the table.
  • Clevis Block Leg Attachments: Guarantee unbreakable leg support, ensuring safety and reliability.
  • QUIK-SET Leg Knobs: Require 70% LESS effort to adjust the table height, making height adjustments effortless.
  • Double Luggage-Style Table Closure Clasps: Ensure secure storage and easy transportation.

Three Styles to Choose From:

Master Massage offers three different styles of the Galaxy Portable Massage Table, providing flexibility to suit your preferences and needs.

Table Specifications:

Size: 71cmx 183cm (W x L) excluded headrest, Length included headrest: 213cm

Height: 58cm - 84cm (adjustable)

Weight: 17kg (table only)

Working capacity: 340kg

Foam: 7.6cm thick Exclusive Small Cell Memory Foam (Higher Density than normal foam)

Package includes: 71cm Galaxy Portable Massage Table, 6-Way Ergonomic Adjustable Face Cradle, Memory Foam Face Pillow, Florida Style Arm Rest Shelf, and 4 Pocket Carrying case.