Master Massage 76cm CORONADO SALON Portable Massage Table Package

SKU 29227

Introducing the Master Massage 76cm Coronado Salon Massage Table - The Ultimate Solution for Spa Treatments on the Go!

Versatile Design for All Client Types:

The 76cm Coronado Salon Massage Table is a portable massage table specifically designed to handle all client types. Its elevating backrest offers eleven different position adjustments, ensuring maximum client comfort during various spa and therapy treatments. Whether it's waxing, facials, reflexology, acupuncture, pre-natal, bariatric clients, or even tattoo shops, this table caters to all, making it perfect for your business or high-end home setting.

Luxurious Comfort and Support:

Experience unparalleled comfort with the Coronado Salon's exclusive features. The table boasts 7.6cm of high-density Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam, offering excellent cushioning and support. The Sculptured Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle with Memory Foam Pillow and oversized Contoured Armrest Shelf further enhance client relaxation during treatments.

Built to Last:

Crafted with quality and durability in mind, the Coronado Salon features Northern Hardwood Legs with a rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal protected finish. All wood used is Formaldehyde & Carcinogen-FREE, meeting the strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) Law, making it environmentally friendly and safe for both you and your clients. The oil & waterproof, CFC-free PU upholstery with denim-like reinforcement backing ensures easy maintenance and extended durability.

Exclusive Features for Easy Setup and Stability:

The Coronado Salon is packed with exclusive features:

  • Auto-Lock Leg System: Sets up the table strong in seconds.

  • Numbered Leg Adjustment Holes: Allow quick, easy, and accurate height adjustment.

  • DUO-PLANE Hinges: Provide maximum strength at the center of the table.

  • Non-Skid, Non-Mark Foot Pads: Ensure safety on any floor surface.

  • Nylon Leg Buffers: Keep the wood legs squeak-free and stable.

  • Stabilizer Bar: Adds strength and aids in opening and closing the table.

  • Clevis Block Leg Attachments: Guarantee unbreakable leg support.

  • QUIK-SET Leg Knobs: Require 70% LESS effort to adjust your table height.

  • Double Luggage-Style Table Closure Clasps: Securely store and transport the table.

Comprehensive Package for Your Convenience:

The Coronado Salon Massage Table package includes the Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle, Ergonomic Dream Memory Foam Face Pillow, Detachable Arm Rests, Plush Neck Bolster, Contoured Arm Rest Shelf, and a 4 Pocket Carrying Case, ensuring you have everything you need to perform ANY spa treatment with ease.

Choose the Master Massage 76cm Coronado Salon Massage Table for its versatility, luxurious comfort, and unparalleled support. Elevate your spa treatments and ensure your clients have the ultimate massage experience!

Table Specifications:

Size: 76 x 183cm(W x L) excluded headrest, Length included headrest: 213cm

Height: 61- 86cm (adjustable)

Weight: 20kg (table only)

Working capacity: 340 kg.

Foam: 7.6cm Exclusive Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam (Higher Density than normal foam)

Package includes 76cm Coronado Salon Massage Table, Ergonomic Dream Adjustable Face Cradle, Ergonomic Dream Memory Foam Face Pillow, Detachable Arm Rests, Plush Neck Bolster, Contoured Arm Rest Shelf and 4 Pocket Carrying Case