Master Massage Mars Foldable and Portable Athlete Support Hub and Sports Training Treatment Recovery Station Desk

SKU 10120

Master Massage specially designed Mars Portable Sports Massage Treatment Table is one of the most innovative and durable on the market. Its Heavy-duty Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction and Honeycomb Fibre ABS table top make the table strong, yet incredibly light in weight. The table itself only weighs 9kg, with a 250kg working capacity. In addition, its telescopic height adjustable table legs with removable field feet ensure that the table can be stably worked on uneven or rough surfaces. Thanks to the collapsible design, it is easy and quick to fold up the table for storage. Equipped with handles on all sides and a carrying strap, the table is convenient to carry and transport.

Versatile Usage of Mars Athletic Treatment Table

The Mars Foldable Portable Athlete Support Table and Sports Training Recovery Bed serves multiple purposes, including as an athlete support table, sports training desk, temporary recovery bed, sports tape workstation, and for pre-match warm-ups and relaxation. It is perfect for sports events, on-field temporary treatments, and warm-up sessions. The bed comes with large round foot pads which facilitate easy installation and prevent the legs from sinking into soft surfaces such as grass or sand, so you always have a stable platform for use.

Easy Treatment & Training on the Go

The foldable legs of Mars Recovery Training Table can be collapsed to a position flush with the bed board, resulting in a compact size that is easy to store and transport, making it convenient for storage and portability. Mars Athletic Treatment Bed is made with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy legs, is lightweight, weighing only 22 lbs. A storage pouch for storing Big Foot platforms and a large carrying case for table is equipped, which makes this Sports Treatment Table easy to transport.

Convenient Features for a Seamless Experience

Treat your clients with ease using the Mars sports treatment bed. Our table is designed with your convenience in mind – the patented easy open design allows you to set up the table in seconds, while the NEVrLOST push button numbered leg holes make adjusting the table height a breeze. With the auto-lock leg system, a stable surface is guaranteed for all your treatments. Plus, added hooks provide the option of shoulder straps for even more versatility.

Get Your Athletes Game-Ready

Reduce the risk of injury for your competitive sports teams with our versatile equipment. Whether it's high-impact volleyball, football, ice hockey, rugby, kayaking, long-distance running, sprinting, or any other sport, you can ensure your athletes are protected. Our table is designed to conduct physical exams, passive relaxation, and adjust protective gear before and during games. Plus, it's easy to transport and set up on location and you can rely on its durable hard desktop to withstand tough use with protective equipment.

Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!

  • Firm and Sturdy with Heavy-duty Aircraft Grade Aluminium Construction
  • Innovative Construction for Light in Weight and Superior Durability
  • Adjustable Height with Aluminium Telescopic Legs
  • Convenient to Move with Handles in All Sides
  • Removable Field Feet to be Used on Any Surfaces
  • Collapsible Design and Easy to Carry

Table Specifications:

Size: 120cm X 60cm (L x W )

Height: 67 - 90cm (adjustable)

Weight: 10kg (table only)

Working capacity: 250kg

Static Load Capacity: 800kg