InAir CDP IA50T Through-The-Wall Dehumidifier

by InAir

Enhance Your Indoor Environment with InAir CDP Through-The-Wall Dehumidifiers - Exclusively at ZonoWellness

Discover the pinnacle of indoor comfort with the InAir CDP Through-The-Wall Dehumidifiers, now available exclusively through ZonoWellness, your trusted authorized dealer for InAir products. Elevate your living spaces, pool rooms, or commercial settings with these remarkable units, meticulously designed for high performance and whisper-quiet operation.

Engineered for Endurance in Indoor Pool Rooms

Introducing the CDP IA40T-50T-70T dehumidifiers, meticulously engineered to thrive in indoor pool room conditions. The dehumidifiers' metal parts and internal surfaces are thoughtfully coated with power before assembly, ensuring robustness and longevity. Crafted with precision, the evaporator and condenser coils feature epoxy-coated aluminium construction for optimal durability and efficiency.

Prominent Features of Through-The-Wall Units

Compact and Lightweight: Designed for seamless integration into your space, these units are compact and lightweight, making installation hassle-free and convenient without compromising on performance.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Experience tranquillity with remarkably low sound levels, providing you with uninterrupted relaxation and a peaceful atmosphere.

Efficient Power Usage: Boasting low power consumption, these dehumidifiers are not only eco-friendly but also cost-effective, allowing you to maintain ideal humidity levels without worrying about energy bills.

High Dehumidification Capacity: Equipped with impressive dehumidification capabilities, these units efficiently manage humidity levels, ensuring optimal air quality and comfort.

Built-In Electronic Hygrostat and Thermostat: Enjoy precise control over your indoor environment with the built-in electronic hygrostat and thermostat, allowing you to customize humidity and temperature settings to your preference.

USB Connectivity and Control: Stay connected with the USB gate for PC tool usage, allowing you to conveniently monitor and adjust settings for maximum comfort.

Additional Exhaust Fan Control: Ensure even air distribution and comprehensive dehumidification by controlling an additional exhaust fan alongside the dehumidifier.

Expandable Accessories: Tailor your experience with optional add-ons, such as a remote control or floor mounting kit, adapting the dehumidifier to your specific needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Operating Range - Temperature: 10-36°C
  • Operating Range - Humidity (% RH): 40-100
  • BMS: Modbus
  • Hygrostat: Built-In
  • Thermostat: Built-In
  • Air Volume (m3/h): 680
  • Dehumidification Capacity (l/24h): 52 (at 28°C/60% RH)
  • Power Supply: 1 x 230 / 50 V/Hz
  • Max. Ampere Consumption (A): 6.6
  • Max. Power Consumption (kW): 1.5
  • Refrigerant/Quantity (kg): R407C/0.9
  • Compressor: Rotary
  • Fan: Radial
  • Sound Level (in pool room 1 metre from wall): 44 dB
  • SEC Value at 28°C/60% RH: 0.48
  • Filter: G3-PPI15
  • Weight (kg): 66kg
  • Height: 700mm
  • Width: 1148mm
  • Depth: 304mm

Elevate Your Indoor Comfort with ZonoWellness

ZonoWellness, your preferred authorized dealer for InAir products, presents the CDP Through-The-Wall Dehumidifiers. Ideal for diverse indoor environments, these units redefine comfort by effectively managing humidity levels. Discover the unmatched performance and versatility of the IA40T-50T-70T models, available exclusively at ZonoWellness