Osmio Azzurra Breve 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap Spray Hose

The Osmio Azzurra Breve is a very high quality 3 Way Tri-flow Kitchen Mixer Tap with a Spray Hose. It makes the ideal solution for a 3 in 1 kitchen mixer tap by combining elegant design and superb functionality. The Osmio Azzurra Breve would be a welcome addition to a top quality home or workplace kitchen and uses separate water paths to ensure that the filtered water pathway is not mixed with any unfiltered water

Presenting the Osmio Azzurra Breve 3-Way (Tri-Flow) Kitchen Tap with Spray Hose - Compact and Versatile

The Osmio Azzurra Breve 3-Way Tri-Flow Kitchen Mixer Tap with a pull-out Spray Hose offers the same exceptional quality as its taller counterpart but in a more compact design. Standing at 475 mm, it delivers the perfect combination of elegant design and superb functionality. Whether for a home or workplace kitchen, the Osmio Azzurra Breve is the ideal solution for a 3-in-1 kitchen mixer tap, ensuring that filtered water remains separate from unfiltered water.

Dispensing filtered water through its horizontal spout, the Osmio Azzurra Breve features a smooth swivel action that allows for flexible positioning. Its solid brass construction and durable chrome highly polished surface exemplify outstanding build quality.

Equipped with a swan-necked spray hose, this tap offers dual control for different spray variations. The ceramic cartridge lever ensures long-lasting quality and effortless operation.

The complete kit includes flexible hoses and fitting parts. Alongside this stunningly elegant and modern 3-way tri-flow kitchen mixer tap with spray hose, we provide a wide range of high-quality water filter systems for you to choose from.

Understanding the Tap Handles

Referencing the diagram below, the tap handles operate as follows: the right-hand lever extends outward and moves away from you for hot water, towards you for cold water, and anywhere in between for a customized mix of hot and cold. The left-hand lever moves towards you to dispense filtered water. If you have a water softener installed and your cold and hot water is softened, you can use this side to provide hard water for drinking, which can be filtered or unfiltered according to your preference.

Enhance your kitchen with the compact yet versatile Osmio Azzurra Breve 3-Way (Tri-Flow) Kitchen Tap with Spray Hose. Its exceptional quality and functionality will elevate your culinary experience.