Osmio Chlorplus Whole House Filter System


The Osmio Chlorplus Whole House FIlter System is designed for chloramine removal for the whole house or can be used for any point of use (i.e. under sink). Chloramine is commonly used in low concentrations as a secondary disinfectant for mains tap water treatment, as an alternative or in addition to regular chlorine disinfection. Please note whole house filter systems are NOT for limescale, please see our softeners section. Whole house systems are usually combined with softeners (either salt or non-salt based) to achieve great results and reverse osmosis point of use system to achieve the complete gold standard of home treatment.

The Osmio Chlorplus Whole House Filter System is specially designed to remove chloramine from your entire house or can be used as a point-of-use filter, such as under the sink. Chloramine is commonly used as a secondary disinfectant in low concentrations for treating tap water, either as an alternative or in addition to chlorine disinfection.

Water treatment companies increasingly favor chloramine as a disinfection chemical because it produces fewer regulated total halogenated disinfection by-products. However, there is a concern regarding the potential production of higher concentrations of unregulated iodinated disinfection by-products and N-nitrosodimethylamine, both of which have been shown to be genotoxic.

Standard activated carbon filters are not effective at removing chloramine since they require an extended contact time with the water, meaning a large amount of carbon is needed. Thorough removal of chloramine may require up to four times the contact time of catalytic carbon.

The Chlorplus filter is specifically designed to effectively remove chloramines and chlorine, filtering down to 1 micron. The filter's lifespan depends on the concentration of chloramine in the water. Here are the approximate filter life values for various chloramine concentrations:

  • Chloramine reduction from 2ppm to 0.5ppm: 946,350 liters
  • Chloramine reduction from 1ppm to 0.1ppm: 36,800 liters
  • Chloramine reduction from 3ppm to 0.5ppm: 13,250 liters

The first filter in the system is a 5 micron pleated sediment filter, which effectively filters out particles and sediments down to 5 microns. This pre-filter serves to protect the Chlorplus filter. The cartridge uses chemically resistant pleated polyester media, providing increased surface area and a longer lifespan. Additionally, the cartridge is cleanable and reusable.

The system includes two full-flow Antibacterial Grey housings with 1" BSP female ports, along with brackets, screws, and a large housing spanner. Detailed dimensions for these housings can be found in the accompanying documentation.

Please note that the warranty covers the housing and parts only for a period of two years (excluding filters, which are consumable items).