Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap


Our latest Osmio Gaia Three Way Tap is crafted in Italy from the highest grade stainless steel. This high quality 3 Way Tap with has a solid construction, manufactured from a solid stainless steel, weighty with a perfect finish. We can guarantee you will love the quality of this tap. This is a perfect choice for residential and commercial use. Enjoy the versatility that Osmio Gaia 316 offers your next project. 

Introducing the Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap - Exceptional Quality in Every Detail

Experience the finest craftsmanship with the Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap. Impeccably constructed from solid lead-free 316 stainless steel, this tap exudes quality with its weighty feel and flawless brushed finish. We guarantee that you will be impressed by the outstanding craftsmanship of this tap.

Why settle for anything less than perfection?

With the Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap, you no longer need to drill additional holes for your water filter system. This innovative tap provides a seamless solution to enhance the modern, clean, and beautiful aesthetics of your kitchen. Its 3-in-1 functionality saves space and adds a touch of contemporary appeal to your kitchen, perfect for the 21st-century lifestyle.

The Osmio Gaia Stainless Steel 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap showcases an elegant design and effortless functionality, making a bold statement in any modern kitchen. It supplies hot, cold, and purified water, with the purified water delivered through an independent line to ensure it remains untainted by unfiltered water.

Options to Enhance Your Water Filtration

As water filtration specialists, we offer a range of filter kit options to accompany your 3-way tap, catering to both simple and advanced requirements. Choose from our in-line systems designed to address specific water concerns, such as chlorine reduction or the removal of scum from hot drinks. Our range includes:

  • Osmio Ultra-Pure 3 Way Tap Filter Kit: A simple yet effective inline system featuring a top-of-the-line carbon block filter cartridge for chlorine, taste, odour, and sediment reduction while maintaining optimal water pressure.

  • Osmio Ultra-Soft 3 Way Tap Filter Kit: Ideal for tackling kettle build-up, this kit offers a cost-effective solution to reduce limescale accumulation and eliminate scum in your hot drinks.

  • Osmio Ultra-Ceram 3 Way Tap Filter Kit: Recommended for water pressure above 2 bar, this kit utilizes a 0.2-micron ceramic layer to effectively remove microorganisms, heavy metals, and chemicals.

For those seeking advanced water filtration, our range of Reverse Osmosis Systems provides the purest water quality surpassing even bottled water. From premium economy models to top-of-the-range systems, you can find the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Tap Surface Finish and Cleaning Instructions

To protect the tap's surface finish, we offer a one-year warranty. We advise cleaning the tap with warm soapy water, followed by a rinse and wipe dry with a soft cloth. It is crucial to avoid using any cleaning products that may damage the tap's finish. Regular cleaning will prevent lime-scale buildup, maintaining the tap's pristine appearance.

Choose the Osmio Gaia 316 Stainless Steel 3-Way (Tri-flow) Kitchen Tap for an unparalleled combination of quality, design, and functionality in your kitchen.