Osmio MaxiSoft Non-Salt Softener 1" BSPP Female - 90 LPM

The Osmio MaxiSOFT is suitable for homes with 22 mm pipe at the entry point and up to 5 bathrooms (90 Litres per Minute peak flow rate). Smart & Environmentally Friendly Whole House Limescale Control. Protect your home from limescale and corrosion internally, inside pipes and boilers. It also makes cleaning easier as limescale residues wipe easily off dried surfaces. Compact, with a simple media change every 80,000 litres. Simple, environmentally friendly and economical. We recommend that you install a bypass for easy media change.

Osmio MaxiSOFT: Smart & Environmentally Friendly Whole House Limescale Control

Suitability: The Osmio MaxiSOFT is designed for properties with up to a maximum of 5 bathrooms, where there is 1" or smaller pipework coming in. It has a maximum flow rate of 90 litres per minute. Please note that the product does not come supplied with any media to fill it with, so it's necessary to add the Maxisoft Refill to your order if you are purchasing the system for the first time.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to fit and cost-effective
  • Convenient shut-off feature for simple media replacement
  • Prevents the formation of calcium bicarbonate, reducing incrustations in pipes and heating systems
  • Creates a protective film inside the plumbing system, safeguarding pipes from corrosion
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to salt-based softeners, with proven effectiveness

How it Works:

The Osmio MaxiSOFT operates by proportionally dosing the water with 3-5 ppm of polyphosphate. Polyphosphates are food-grade, non-toxic substances widely used in jug and coffee filters. The system can be installed at the entry point of a property without requiring a separate bypass to the kitchen tap, making the water drinkable. The media replacement is quick and easy, lasting up to 60,000 litres.

Comparison to Salt Softeners:

Salt-based softeners remove minerals from the water and add approximately 150 mg/l of sodium carbonate, which is not drinkable. This leads to a lathering effect with soap, and the added salt is used to backwash the resin in the tank. However, this process flushes salty water down the drain, causing environmental issues and making it unsuitable for septic tanks. Installation of salt softeners typically requires a bypass to the kitchen cold tap to comply with WRAS regulations.

The Osmio MaxiSOFT outperforms salt softeners in terms of its "internal" effect. It protects material surfaces from scale formation and corrosion, which are the primary causes of expensive plumbing problems. While it does not eliminate the need to clean limescale or impact soap lathering, it reduces the likelihood of limescale formation and minimizes the adhesion of mineral residues once water has dried on surfaces, making them easier to wipe off.