Osmio MiniSoft Non-Salt Softener 1/2" BSPP Female - 30 LPMz


The Osmio MiniSOFT Suitable for homes with 15mm pipe at the entry point and up to 2 bathrooms (30 Litres per Minute peak flow rate). Smart & Environmentally Friendly Whole House Limescale Control. Protect your home from limescale and corrosion internally, inside pipes and boilers. It makes cleaning easier. Limescale residues wipe off easier off dried surfaces. Compact, easy to fit (no bypass needed), and simple media change every 20,000 litres. Simple, environmentally friendly and economical.

The Osmio MiniSOFT is a smart and environmentally friendly whole house limescale control system. It helps protect your home from limescale and corrosion by internally treating the water in pipes and boilers. This system also makes cleaning easier, as limescale residues can be wiped off more easily from dried surfaces.

The MiniSOFT is compact, easy to fit, and does not require a bypass. It uses polyphosphate, a food-grade and non-toxic substance that is dosed into the water at a level of 5ppm (or 5 mg/l). This dosage cannot over-dose the water, ensuring that the level always stays between 3-5ppm. Polyphosphate is commonly used in coffee machine filters and jug filters, and it has a long-established record of being safe to use and drink.

The MiniSOFT can be installed at the entry point of a property, allowing it to serve the entire building. It is suitable for properties with up to 2 bathrooms and 15mm pipework. For larger properties, the Osmio MaxiSOFT is recommended. Each refill of the MiniSOFT lasts for approximately 20,000 litres and is available to order as a pack of six refills. In a house with two adults, six refills last around 400 days.

Here are the key benefits of the Osmio MiniSOFT:
  1. Easy to fit and low cost
  2. Simple media replacement with an easy shut-off feature
  3. Prevents the formation of calcium bicarbonate, reducing incrustations in pipes and heating systems
  4. Creates a protective film inside the plumbing system, guarding against corrosion
  5. Environmentally friendly alternative to salt softeners, without the environmental damage
  6. Compatible with properties without sewerage services or with septic tanks
Unlike salt-based softeners, the MiniSOFT does not remove minerals from the water and does not add sodium carbonate. Salt-based softeners introduce approximately 150 mg/l of sodium carbonate, which is not drinkable. Additionally, the salty water flushed during the backwashing process of salt softeners can cause environmental issues, especially for homes with septic tanks. The MiniSOFT outperforms salt softeners in preventing scale and corrosion internally, where plumbing problems occur. It does not eliminate the need to clean limescale or affect soap lathering but makes limescale less prone to forming and easier to remove once water has dried on a surface.The Osmio MiniSOFT does not come with a spanner, but the media bowl can be easily removed by hand or with the use of an adjustable spanner. The MiniSOFT manual can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.Overall, the Osmio MiniSOFT offers an effective and environmentally friendly solution for whole house limescale control, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system while making cleaning tasks easier.