Osmio PRO-II-A Advanced Whole House Water Filter System


The Osmio PRO-II-A Advanced Whole House Water Filter System is our one of our top of the range and finest whole house water filter system for those seeking nothing but the very best. Please note whole house filter systems are NOT for limescale, please see our softeners section. Whole house systems are usually combined with softeners (either salt or non-salt based) to achieve great results and reverse osmosis point of use system to achieve the complete gold standard of home treatment.

The Osmio PRO-II-A Advanced Whole House Water Filter System is a top-of-the-line filtration solution for those seeking the highest quality and performance.

The system features two filters that work together to provide exceptional water purification. The first filter is the Active Ceramics Large Whole House Filter, which utilizes an advanced formulation of active ceramics to effectively reduce a wide range of water impurities including chlorine, toxins, heavy metals, hormones, and fluoride. This unique filter incorporates four different active ceramics that treat the water in distinct ways, making it a truly exceptional filtration method. Moreover, it adds antioxidants and minerals back into the water, while also increasing the alkalinity by raising the pH value. The main cartridge of this filter is replaced every 3 years or after filtering 300,000 liters of water.

The second filter is a 5 micron carbon block, an upgrade from the standard Osmio PRO-II System. This filter further reduces chlorine and addresses any taste and odor issues in the tap water. It also helps in reducing certain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) for cleaner drinking water. The carbon block, made from coconut, imparts a pleasant, slightly sweeter taste. With its high dirt holding capacity and minimal pressure drop, this filter is typically replaced every 6 months and is rated for 46,000 liters of usage.

The Osmio PRO-II-A system offers eco-advantages as well. At the end of the main cartridge's life, the ceramics can be removed and used as fertilizer for your garden, promoting plant health and soil drainage. The plastic housing of the filter can be disposed of through regular recycling waste channels. Both the Active Ceramic and Carbon Block filters are NSF certified STD 42, ensuring their high quality and reliability.

This system is constructed with high-quality virgin polypropylene, featuring a thick, heavy-weight, and robust design. Unlike housings made with light materials or mixed with calcite, which do not stand the test of time, the Osmio PRO-II-A system is built to last. The brass threaded 1" BSP female ports ensure reliable plumbing connections, avoiding the cross-threading issues commonly associated with plastic threaded ports connected to brass fittings. The system also includes integrated pressure release buttons, allowing for easy release of air pressure.

With its superior filtration capabilities, the Osmio PRO-II-A Advanced Whole House Water Filter System delivers outstanding results and provides healthier water for your home.