Osmio PRO-III Ultimate Whole House Water Filter System


The Osmio PRO-III Ultimate Whole House Water Filter System one of our top of the range and finest whole house water filter system for those seeking nothing but the very best. Please note whole house filter systems are NOT for limescale, please see our softeners section. Whole house systems are usually combined with softeners (either salt or non-salt based) to achieve great results and reverse osmosis point of use system to achieve the complete gold standard of home treatment.

The Osmio PRO-III Ultimate Whole House Water Filter System is a top-of-the-line filtration solution, designed to provide the highest level of water purification for those who demand the very best. This system consists of three separate housings and filters, offering flexibility in installation configurations, such as placing them in an L shape to fit into corners.

Housing 1 features a 4.5 x 10 Inch Black Line Housing with the Active Ceramics Whole House Filter. This filter, which is replaced every 3 years or after filtering 300,000 liters of water, effectively removes a wide range of impurities including chlorine, hormones, fluoride, lead, and more. It utilizes a patented active ceramics blend with four different active ceramics, providing unique and comprehensive water treatment. Additionally, this filter adds antioxidants and minerals back into the water, while increasing alkalinity by raising the pH value.

Housing 2 contains a 4.5 x 10 Inch Black Line Housing with a Carbon Block 5 Micron filter. This filter further reduces chlorine and addresses any taste and odor issues in the mains tap water. The coconut-based carbon block enhances the taste by adding a subtle sweetness. With its high dirt holding capacity and minimal pressure drop, this filter is typically replaced every 6 months and is rated for 46,000 liters of usage.

Housing 3 is equipped with a 4.5 x 10 Inch Black Line Housing and a GAC and KDF Process Media Filter Cartridge. This cartridge is primarily designed to reduce the taste and odor of chlorine and other chemicals in the water. It incorporates Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) media, which work together to eliminate algae, control bacterial growth, and remove various impurities such as chlorine, pesticides, organic matter, rust, hydrogen sulfide, metals, and more. This filter is ideal for situations with higher flow rates or low water pressure issues.

The system includes brackets with screws and a large housing spanner for easy installation. It is constructed with high-quality virgin polypropylene, ensuring durability and longevity. The brass threaded 1" BSP female ports guarantee reliable plumbing connections, avoiding cross-threading problems often encountered with plastic threaded ports and brass fittings. The system also features an integrated pressure release vent for convenient air pressure release.

At the end of the active ceramics cartridge's life, you can utilize the ceramics as fertilizer for your garden, promoting plant and soil health. The plastic housing can be recycled as part of your normal recycling waste. Both the Active Ceramic and Post Carbon Filter are NSF certified, confirming their high quality and reliability.

With its combination of advanced active ceramics, carbon filtration, and KDF media, the Osmio PRO-III Ultimate Whole House Water Filter System delivers exceptional results, ensuring healthier water for your home.