Osmio Waters Clarity Gravity Water Filter


Introducing the Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter System. It utilizes the top-performing Coldstream FTO+ filters for exceptional filtration.

The filter housing is made of borosilicate glass, complemented by a mango wood stand and lid for an elegant look.

Recommended for households of up to 4 people, the filters should be changed every 6 months based on water quality. Please note that the filters do not reduce calcium and magnesium that cause scale in kettles. Refer to the test reports for more details on filtration capabilities. Enjoy pure and beautiful water with the Osmio Clarity.

Experience the exceptional filtration power of the Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter. This complete system includes two Coldstream FTO+ Filters (typically replaced every 6 months), a 304 Stainless Steel Dispensing Tap, and a Beech Wood Stand and Lid.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for 1-4 users per system
  • High-performance filters for chemicals, heavy metals, plastics, hormones, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and more (approximately 30% reduction in limescale)
  • Glass and Beech Wood Housing for minimal plastic contact, ensuring purity and aesthetics
  • Unique high-performance ceramic filters that can be cleaned and re-used
  • Gravity-fed design for easy filling and filter replacement
  • Complete with a beech wood stand and 304 stainless steel tap

The Coldstream FTO+ Filters deliver unparalleled filtration capabilities. Their advanced technical expertise, rigorous testing, and cutting-edge manufacturing processes result in industry-leading performance. Manufactured in a renewable energy-powered facility in the UK, these filters are backed by a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering effective water treatment solutions worldwide.

Features & Benefits:

  • Glass Housing: Optimal material for water purity
  • Unique Ceramic Filters: Exceptional filtration performance
  • Reusable Filter Candles: Economical and eco-friendly
  • Easy to Use: Gravity-fed system, compatible with standard jug filling
  • Beech Wood Stand and Stainless Steel Tap: Durable and stylish components

Powerful Filtration: The Coldstream filters excel in their filtration capabilities, even reducing fluoride (up to 97% - see test results). Unlike other filters that require additional attachments and occupy space in the filtered water chamber, Coldstream's advanced technology enables efficient fluoride removal without the use of Activated Alumina. This ensures superior filtration performance without introducing unwanted materials into the water.

Important Note: Handle the glass housing with care as it is fragile. While the holes cut for the glass may have slight shards (covered by rubber gaskets), it is essential to remain cautious during filter changes. Clean the system thoroughly after installation or filter replacement to eliminate any potential shards. Avoid overtightening the filters to prevent glass cracking. Use caution when handling the system, especially around children.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of the glass housing, slight variations in height (up to 11%) and diameter (up to 5%) may occur.

Dimensions: A - 204 mm B - 660 mm C - 540 mm D - 240 mm E - 135 mm

Filter Performance Data: Download the test reports from the files section below to review the comprehensive results for various contaminants.

Complete Installation and Maintenance Guide: Access the system manual in the files section below for detailed instructions on installation and maintenance procedures.

Experience the purity and beauty of water with the Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter. Trust Zonowellness to provide you with superior water filtration products for your home.


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