Sapphire 30 Litre Cabinet Water Softener (Metered)


Sapphire Luxury Water Softener is a metered, technologically advanced cabinet-style residential water softener with 30 Litres of resin for up to 5000 Litres capacity (at 300ppm hardness). Supplied with Clack 1” Metered Softener Valve.

Recommended for up to 4 Bathrooms, 6 occupants

Delivery notice: please allow up to three business days for delivery via pallet

Introducing the Sapphire Luxury Water Softener, a residential water softener system designed in a metered, cabinet style. This advanced system features a 20 Litre resin tank, offering an impressive capacity of 3300 Litres per day (based on 300 ppm hardness). It is specifically designed for use at the point of entry to flats or in applications where industrial-grade equipment such as dishwashers, washing machines, boilers, and more require softened water.

The softener is equipped with the Clack 1" Metered Softener Valve, allowing for precise control and optimal performance. It operates in both metered and time-based modes, ensuring minimal salt consumption, waste generation, and downtime. With smart capabilities, the system automates all operations except for salt loading. The proprietary software and digital screen provide an intuitive user interface while maintaining exceptional water softening efficiency and system uptime.

The Sapphire Luxury Water Softener sets new standards in delivering the softest water possible with the highest efficiency. Its elegant and modern design showcases its position as one of the most technologically advanced water softening systems worldwide.

Please note that delivery may take up to three business days via pallet.

Key Features:

  • Technologically advanced cabinet-style water softener designed and built in the UK
  • Fully automatic system, requiring no manual intervention
  • Smart capabilities determine optimal regeneration for maximum efficiency
  • 1" Metered Clack Valve for precise control and performance
  • Includes a mixing valve for adjusting the desired hardness level
  • Optional accessories available, including a bypass valve and Bypass Vertical Adapter Assembly

Benefits of Using a Water Softener:

  • Experience smooth and silky hair and skin after bathing
  • Eliminate issues with hard scale buildup on taps, shower screens, and kitchen surfaces
  • Simplify cleaning tasks with reduced scale adhesion
  • Extend the lifespan of appliances by preventing mineral deposits
  • Stylish and ergonomic design tailored for modern living
  • Enjoy luxurious, silky smooth water throughout your entire home
  • Reduce the need for detergents and other cleaning products

Experience the remarkable benefits of the Sapphire Luxury Water Softener, delivering unparalleled water softening efficiency and exceptional performance for a wide range of applications.