Sasaki Foldable Electric Massage Chair (Series 1)

by Sasaki

Sasaki Foldable Electric Massage Chair (Series 1) 

-Foldable in less than 3 seconds!

Introducing the Sasaki Foldable Electric Massage Chair - your portable relaxation sanctuary. Designed with convenience and versatility in mind, this innovative massage chair offers a unique folding feature that allows for easy storage and transport. Experience the luxury of a full-body massage anytime, anywhere, with its advanced electric massage technology.

Unfold the chair and immerse yourself in a world of comfort as it provides a range of therapeutic massage techniques to melt away stress and tension. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on-the-go, the Sasaki Foldable Electric Massage Chair offers a rejuvenating escape, making relaxation effortless and accessible.

  • Lower Back Air Massage: Experience soothing relief and relaxation as the Sasaki Foldable Electric Massage Chair provides a targeted air massage for your lower back. The gentle compression and kneading action help alleviate tension, reduce muscle stiffness, and promote overall comfort.

  • Calf and Foot Massage: Indulge in the ultimate relaxation as the chair's massage rollers and airbags work together to provide a rejuvenating calf and foot massage. Enjoy the soothing sensations that help relieve fatigue, improve circulation, and soothe sore muscles in your lower limbs.

  • Exclusive Toe Massage: This chair goes the extra mile by offering an exclusive toe massage feature. Experience targeted attention to your toes, providing a revitalizing massage to relieve tension, enhance blood flow, and promote overall foot health and well-being.

  • Infrared Heat Function: Unwind and soothe your muscles with the infrared heat function of the Sasaki Foldable Electric Massage Chair. The gentle warmth penetrates deep into your muscles, promoting relaxation, improving blood circulation, and relieving stiffness and discomfort.

  • Convenient Portability: With its foldable design, this chair offers unrivaled convenience and portability. Easily fold and store the chair when not in use or bring it with you on your travels. Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage wherever you go, ensuring you never have to compromise on your well-being.

  • Versatile and Customizable: The Sasaki Foldable Electric Massage Chair provides versatile massage options that can be customized to your preferences. Choose from a variety of massage techniques, adjust the intensity, and focus on specific areas to create a personalized massage experience tailored to your needs.


Length 100 cm
Width 52 cm
Height 78 cm