Sasaki Massage Chair - 10 Series Royal Queen 6D

by Sasaki

Introducing the Sasaki Massage Chair 10 Series Royal Queen 6D - the perfect blend of luxury and compact design. Experience ultimate relaxation with this exquisitely crafted massage chair, specifically designed as a smaller version of the King model.

Enjoy advanced features, including the 6D massage mechanism, airbag massage system, and intelligent functionalities, all in a more space-saving package. Create your personal oasis of tranquility with the Sasaki Massage Chair 10 Series Royal Queen 6D and indulge in a blissful and rejuvenating experience tailored to your needs.

Take full control of your massage program with the freedom to choose from 24 built-in automatic programs, ensuring a personalized and seamless massage experience at your fingertips.


Total Body Relaxation with Full Body Airbag Massage and Heating

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with the full body airbag massage and heating system. Featuring 31 groups of 114 airbags strategically placed throughout the chair, it covers the head, shoulders, hips, arms, calves, and feet.

Enjoy the flexibility to switch each part independently and choose from 6 levels of airbag strength. Additionally, carbon fiber heating pads integrated into the back, buttocks, and calves provide soothing warmth, promoting body relaxation and fatigue release..


Heart rate & blood pressure detection

Enhance Your Well-being with Fingertip Heart Rate Detection for Better Understanding of Your Physical Condition


S&L Track

The massage chair's standout feature is its revolutionary 130cm long S&L Track, allowing the back roller arms to effortlessly massage from the head to the buttocks.

This extended reach has greatly expanded the coverage of the back, incorporating the innovative 3D mechanism that adapts to the human body's curve, delivering precise and targeted shoulder and waist massages.


Fast USB charging ports

Additionally, enjoy the convenience of fast USB charging ports, with two sets of 5V/2.1A ports that enable you to charge your electronic devices


6D Mechanism

The SASAKI 6D Mechanism takes your massage experience to new heights. With its 8cm extended arms, it ensures enhanced massage comfort. Offering various techniques like kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, and combinations, you have the freedom to adjust the massage methods, body parts, and intensity according to your preferences.


Intelligent height detection

Our intelligent height detection system is designed to automatically detect and track the user's height and body shape, ensuring a tailored massage experience.

Furthermore, the chair incorporates fingertip heart rate detection, utilizing photoelectric reaction technology to provide valuable insights into your physical condition, allowing for a better understanding of your well-being.


Anti-pinch system

Safety is our priority. The massage chair features an anti-pinch system at key parts such as the legs, soles, back, and side armrests, ensuring a worry-free and secure massage session.


Length 145 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 116 cm

Reclined Position

Length 185 cm
Width 80 cm
Height 90 cm