Sasaki Rocking massage chair - 3 Series 3D

by Sasaki

Introducing the Sasaki Rocking Massage Chair - the perfect fusion of relaxation and soothing motion. Experience the ultimate in comfort as you sit back and let the chair gently rock you into a state of tranquility. With its innovative design, this massage chair combines the benefits of rhythmic rocking motion with advanced massage features, providing a truly immersive and rejuvenating experience.

Let the stress melt away as you indulge in a variety of mass

age techniques, customizable to your preferences. Discover the perfect balance between relaxation and therapeutic massage with the Sasaki Rocking Massage Chair, and transform your space into a sanctuary of peace and well-being


  • Relief for Stiff and Aching Muscles: Experience thorough kneading and tapping techniques with the Sasaki Rocking Massage Chair, providing targeted relief for stiff and aching muscles. Enjoy the benefits of a deep tissue massage that helps alleviate tension and promote relaxation.

  • Customizable Kneading Massage: The auto inward and outward movement of the kneading massage nods ensures a personalized experience, catering to your specific needs. Enjoy the feeling of hands-on massage techniques that effectively target and address muscle tightness and discomfort.

  • Adjustable Rocking Design: Find your perfect position with the rocking design of the chair, offering three adjustable levels for finely tuned positioning. Experience the soothing motion that helps enhance relaxation, providing a gentle and calming sensation throughout your body.

  • Enhanced Neck and Head Support: The massage pillow of the Sasaki Rocking Massage Chair is equipped with eight massage rollers and built-in heating, providing relaxation and care for your head and neck. Enjoy the soothing warmth and the gentle massage to release tension in these areas, promoting overall comfort and well-being.

  • romotes Blood Circulation and Metabolism: The strong frequency vibration function of the chair helps stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Experience the invigorating effects of improved circulation, aiding in the rejuvenation and revitalization of your body.

  • Quiet Operation for Enhanced Relaxation: The low motor noise of the Sasaki Rocking Massage Chair ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment for each massage session. Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere as you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the chair without distractions.

  • Durability and Safety: The discreet power supply connector head near the pillow prevents accidental touches and provides enhanced durability. Experience peace of mind knowing that safety measures are in place, allowing you to fully enjoy your massage session