SEERS Medical - Medicare Ultrasound Couch


Ideal for Ultrasound and Sonography treatments with smooth electric positioning of height, tilt and backrest angle.

  • Safe working load and lifting capacity of 240Kg (528lbs)
  • Electric adjustment of height, tilt, backrest and foot section 
  • Electric backrest  adjustable from 0˚ to +80˚ 
  • Adjustable angle footrest from 0˚ to -85˚ 
  • Electric Trendelenburg angle to -15˚ 
  • Choice of gas assisted or electric operated foot section 
  • Excellent height range from 52cm to 106cm 
  • Paper roll holder and head support cushion fitted as standard
  • Compact frame design with retractable wheel system 
  • Adjustable foot for stability on uneven surfaces 
  • Purpose made precision bearings on all pivot points 
  • Anti-bacterial powder coated frame 
  • Clearance beneath frame for mobile hoist 
  • 70cm standard width upholstery

Providing smooth electric positioning of height, tilt and backrest angle, these couches feature a compact base frame and are ideal for both supine and seated procedures. The deluxe model includes the base frame cover and matching operators chair