SL-13 Swim Spa- Solstice Leisure Swimspas


Discover Unprecedented Luxury with the Solstice SL-13 Swimspa by Solstice Leisure Swimspas

Elevate your aquatic lifestyle with the Solstice SL-13 Swimspa, a masterpiece in design and functionality from the esteemed Solstice Leisure range. Despite its compact size, the SL-13 encapsulates a world of wellness, relaxation, and hydrotherapy, making it the epitome of opulent aquatic living.

Compact Elegance

The Solstice SL-13 showcases a harmonious blend of dimensions and aesthetics. Measuring 3900mm x 2280mm x 1350mm, this swimspa's petite footprint is perfectly suited for both compact spaces and grand environments.

A Personal Oasis

With its three seating positions, the SL-13 welcomes you to an intimate aquatic haven. Two headrests ensure that relaxation is your primary focus, while the galvanized steel frame provides durability that stands the test of time.

Hydrotherapy Harmony

Indulge in the delight of 45 hydrotherapy jets thoughtfully arranged within the swimspa. As you unwind, LED perimeter lights and an underwater LED light set the stage for a truly captivating and therapeutic experience.

The Future of Aquatic Control

Experience intuitive control with the Balboa control system, offering seamless management of your swimspa's features. Additionally, Bluetooth audio integration allows you to enjoy your favorite melodies, creating an immersive ambiance.

Craftsmanship and Durability

A galvanized steel frame ensures structural integrity while the synthetic cabinet adds a touch of sophistication. The PVC base contributes to energy efficiency, and the comprehensive insulation package guarantees comfort regardless of the weather.

Hygiene and Wellness

Prioritizing your well-being, the SL-13 features UV purification, enhancing your swimspa's water quality. A grey insulation cover and chemical starter kit make maintenance effortless, ensuring your swimspa remains an inviting sanctuary.

A Commitment to Excellence

Embodying the pinnacle of craftsmanship, the Solstice SL-13 boasts a 5-year warranty for the shell and structure, complemented by a 2-year warranty for equipment and plumbing. This reaffirms Solstice Leisure Swimspas' commitment to unparalleled quality.

Experience Opulence with the Solstice SL-13 Swimspa

The Solstice SL-13 Swimspa offers a glimpse into a world of indulgence and luxury. A harmonious blend of hydrotherapy, aesthetics, and technological sophistication, this swimspa sets a new standard for aquatic wellness. Available exclusively at ZonoWellness, the Solstice SL-13 Swimspa promises to redefine your aquatic experience. Experience the epitome of aquatic luxury with the Solstice SL-13 Swimspa today.