SL-16 Swim Spa- Solstice Leisure Swimspas


Experience Excellence with the Solstice SL-16 Swimspa by Solstice Leisure Swimspas

Step into a realm of aquatic luxury and well-being with the Solstice SL-16 Swimspa, a pinnacle offering from the distinguished Solstice Leisure range. Designed to strike the perfect balance between size, features, and performance, the SL-16 promises a transformative aquatic experience that exceeds expectations.

Dimensional Brilliance

The Solstice SL-16 is a testament to thoughtful design and precise engineering. Its dimensions of 5000mm x 2280mm x 1350mm ensure an inviting space for both relaxation and aquatic activities. With a voluminous capacity of around 6000 liters, this swimspa provides ample room for your aquatic endeavors.

Intimate Comfort for Three

Indulge in shared moments of relaxation within the embrace of the SL-16's seating designed to comfortably accommodate three individuals. Immerse yourself in the luxurious environment created by the inclusion of two headrests, elevating your aquatic experience.

Hydrotherapy Elegance

Experience hydrotherapy at its finest with a meticulously designed arrangement of 45 hydrotherapy jets. As day transitions into night, LED perimeter lights and an LED underwater light grace the swimspa with a gentle, captivating glow.

Synchronized Wellness and Technology

The SL-16 is designed to cater to your individual wellness needs. The Balboa control system places control at your fingertips, ensuring an intuitive and personalized experience. Elevate your swimspa sessions with your favorite tunes through the integrated Bluetooth music system.

Craftsmanship and Durability

The Solstice SL-16 boasts a galvanized steel frame, symbolizing its durability and longevity. A synthetic cabinet envelops the swimspa in an aura of sophistication while safeguarding its inner workings. The inclusion of a PVC base and comprehensive insulation optimizes energy efficiency.

Hygiene and Wellness

Prioritizing your well-being, the SL-16 features UV purification, a testament to Solstice Leisure Swimspas' commitment to your health. A grey insulation cover and chemical starter kit complete the package, streamlining maintenance and ensuring a pristine swimspa environment.

A Promise of Excellence

Endorsed by a 5-year warranty for the shell and structure, along with a 2-year warranty for equipment and plumbing, the Solstice SL-16 epitomizes Solstice Leisure Swimspas' dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

Elevate Your Aquatic Lifestyle with the Solstice SL-16 Swimspa

The Solstice SL-16 Swimspa represents the epitome of a luxurious aquatic lifestyle. Encompassing Solstice Leisure Swimspas' dedication to innovation and quality, this swimspa offers an immersive fusion of hydrotherapy, relaxation, and elegance. Discover the art of aquatic luxury exclusively at ZonoWellness. Elevate your aquatic journey with the Solstice SL-16 Swimspa today.