Smart Air - Blast Commercial Air Purifier


Introducing the Smart Air Blast - The Ultimate Commercial Air Purifier for Large Spaces

Whisper-Quiet Performance: Powerful Clean Air in Large Rooms

The Smart Air Blast is our simplest yet most powerful air purifier designed to provide clean air in large commercial spaces. Its powerful fan and oversized H13 HEPA filter work together to deliver up to 2000 m³/h airflow, effectively cleaning rooms up to 130m²/1400 sqft, or an average American household. Despite its impressive performance, the Blast operates quietly, producing a gentle and calming sound similar to light rainfall. Enjoy the benefits of clean air without the disturbance of loud noise.

Effortless Setup and Robust Design

With the Smart Air Blast, simplicity and durability go hand in hand. The hassle-free setup and robust design ensure a smooth user experience, making it ideal for various applications, including offices, hospitals, schools, and large apartments. Its lock-tight wheel design allows for easy mobility, giving you the flexibility to move the air purifier wherever it's needed most.

Designed for Health and Wellness - Helping with Allergies and Sinus Problems

Experience the comfort and relief of cleaner air with the Smart Air Blast. This commercial air purifier is specially engineered to alleviate allergies, asthma, and sinus problems by efficiently capturing and filtering allergens, dust, and particles as small as 0.3 microns with its H13 HEPA filter. Hospitals and clinics can also benefit from its exceptional performance, as it effectively removes viruses and bacteria from the air, promoting a healthier environment.

Long-Lasting Filter Lifespan - Replace Filters Only Once Every 2-4 Years*

The Smart Air Blast is designed to be cost-effective and low-maintenance. Its incredible filter lifespan means you only need to replace the filter once every 2-4 years*, depending on usage and environmental conditions. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that the Blast is built to last, requiring minimal filter replacements and reducing long-term expenses.

Optional Carbon Filter - Filtering Smoke, Odors, and Chemicals

For those seeking additional protection against smoke, odors, and harmful chemicals, the Smart Air Blast offers an optional carbon filter. The carbon filter efficiently absorbs and removes these pollutants from the air, ensuring a cleaner and fresher environment.

Proven Performance Backed by Open Data Tests

The Smart Air Blast is backed by rigorous testing and data analysis. Aeronautical engineer Paddy conducted over 200 tests on noise, particle capture, wind speed, and power usage to ensure the air purifier's powerful yet quiet operation. The Blast's performance is further supported by thousands of hours of open data available in Smart Air's Clean Air blog, providing transparent and reliable information for our customers.

Smart Air Blast Mk II - Enhanced 2022 Model

The Blast Mk II is the improved 2022 model, featuring several enhancements for even better performance. These upgrades include an air outlet redesign for increased CADR and airflow, a rear air inlet with a punched-out design, a lighter and more recyclable HEPA filter frame, and pre-filter improvements for easier cleaning.

Trust in Smart Air for Clean Air Solutions

With the Smart Air Blast, experience the difference in air quality and enjoy cleaner, healthier surroundings. Trust in Smart Air's commitment to providing effective, affordable, and certified air purifiers. Our Blast model is a popular choice among major hospitals worldwide for COVID-19 protection, demonstrating its efficiency and reliability in critical healthcare settings.

*Filter lifespan may vary based on usage and environmental conditions.