Solstice Sarsen - Solstice Leisure Spas


Elevate Your Retreat with Solstice Leisure Spas: Introducing the Solstice Sarsen

Embark on an unparalleled journey of relaxation and luxury with the Solstice Sarsen, a model that stands as the epitome of opulence within the Solstice Leisure Spas collection. ZonoWellness, your trusted authorized dealer, is thrilled to present the Solstice Sarsen—a spa that redefines elegance and wellness.

A Symphony of Features Awaits

  • Designed to accommodate your desire for both indulgence and connection, the Solstice Sarsen offers ample seating for up to 6 individuals, including a coveted lounger for the ultimate relaxation.
  • Enhanced by the power of 2 hydrotherapy pumps, this spa ensures a massage experience that transcends expectations.

Imposing Dimensions, Inviting Aura

  • Revel in the vast expanse of the Solstice Sarsen, boasting dimensions of 2300 x 2300 x 880mm, allowing you and your loved ones to revel in spacious comfort.

Hydrotherapy Perfected

  • A symphony of 40 hydrotherapy jets are meticulously positioned to create a symphony of revitalization, tailored to your preferences.

Technological Brilliance

  • Let the rhythm of your journey be guided by the harmonious melodies of the built-in Bluetooth music system, as LED perimeter lighting casts a gentle glow that transforms your spa into a sanctuary of serenity.
  • The spa's Balboa Control System empowers you with effortless command over your relaxation experience.

Efficiency and Assurance in Harmony

  • With 2 x 2.5hp pumps and a 3kW heater, the Solstice Sarsen seamlessly combines power and efficiency to envelop you in warmth and relaxation.

Crafted to Perfection

  • Dimensions L x W x D (mm): 2300 x 2300 x 880
  • Volume Ltrs (approx.): 1550 Litres
  • Dry Weight kg (approx.): 360kg

Encompassing Quality and Warranty

  • The Solstice Sarsen boasts an aluminium frame, reflecting Solstice Leisure Spas' commitment to quality and durability.
  • Underpinned by Solstice Leisure Spas' dedication, the Solstice Sarsen comes with a 5-Year Shell & Structure Warranty and a 2-Year Equipment & Plumbing Warranty.

Your Oasis Awaits

  • Step into a realm of tranquility and grandeur with the Solstice Sarsen. The fusion of innovation, luxury, and craftsmanship awaits your indulgence—discover it with Solstice Leisure Spas.