Solstice XL4000 - Solstice Leisure Spas


Embrace Unrivaled Serenity with the XL4000 by Solstice Leisure Spas

Dive into a realm of unparalleled relaxation with the XL4000, a masterpiece within the Solstice Leisure Spas collection. 

A World of Comfort Beckons

  • Crafted with precision, the XL4000 accommodates four individuals, featuring two luxurious loungers that beckon you to unwind and embrace tranquility.

Illuminate Your Oasis

  • The XL4000 introduces LED perimeter lighting, setting the stage for an atmosphere of serenity and soothing ambiance.

Dimensions that Envelop

  • Experience spacious comfort within the dimensions of 2200 x 2200 x 960mm, creating an oasis that welcomes relaxation.

Hydrotherapy Elevation

  • Enjoy the invigorating embrace of 56 hydrotherapy jets, meticulously designed to cater to your wellness needs.

A Symphony of Features

  • Delight in the symphony of features that elevate your experience: perimeter lighting, underwater LED lights, and the intuitive Balboa Control System ensure every moment is tailored to your desires.

Efficiency and Innovation

  • With two 3hp hydrotherapy pumps, the XL4000 marries power with efficiency, embracing you in the soothing embrace of warm waters.

Elegance in Detail

  • Adorned in Silver Marble with a Grey PVC Cabinet, the XL4000 seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality.

Craftsmanship and Assurance

  • Dimensions L x W x D (mm): 2200 x 2200 x 960
  • Volume Ltrs (approx.): 1300 Litres
  • Dry Weight kg (approx.): 280kg

A World of Features Awaits

  • Ozone purification, galvanized steel frame, cabinet insulation, and a thermal insulated cover harmoniously merge for a luxurious experience.

Aesthetic Elevation

  • Envision the beauty of 3 water fountains and a captivating waterfall, transforming your spa into a haven of elegance.

Elevate Your Retreat

  • With a 5-Year Shell & Structure Warranty and a 2-Year Equipment & Plumbing Warranty, the XL4000 embodies Solstice Leisure Spas' dedication to your enjoyment.

Discover Tranquility

  • The XL4000 by Solstice Leisure Spas stands as an invitation to a world of unmatched relaxation and opulence. Your oasis of comfort awaits—immerse yourself and experience the extraordinary.