Solstice XL5000 - Solstice Leisure Spas


Elevate Your Oasis with the XL5000 from Solstice Leisure Spas

Emerge from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with the XL5000, an embodiment of opulence within the Solstice Leisure Spas range. 

A Symphony of Power and Luxury

  • Immerse yourself in a realm of power and luxury with the XL5000, a statement piece that stands as a testament to the pinnacle of spa design.

Unrivaled Hydrotherapy

  • With an astonishing 89 hydrotherapy jets and an additional 12 air jets, the XL5000 offers an experience that is unparalleled in its effectiveness and invigoration.

A Dynamic Duo of Pumps

  • Embrace the synergy of two high-performance pumps - one 2hp and the other 3hp - along with a dedicated circulation pump and an air blower, creating an orchestration of power that envelops you in soothing massage.

A Vision of Distinction

  • The XL5000 boasts dimensions of 2200 x 2300 x 930mm, providing a spacious canvas for your relaxation and enjoyment.

Aesthetic Brilliance

  • Infused with the elegance of Silver Marble and a Grey PVC Cabinet, the XL5000 exudes an air of sophistication that effortlessly blends with its surroundings.

A World of Features Unveiled

  • Illuminate your experience with perimeter lighting and underwater LED lights, all effortlessly controlled through the intuitive Balboa Control System.

Innovation Meets Assurance

  • Discover the embodiment of innovation with features like ozone purification, galvanized steel frame, cabinet insulation, and a thermal insulated cover, all meticulously designed for your comfort.

Uncompromising Excellence

  • With a 5-Year Shell & Structure Warranty and a 2-Year Equipment & Plumbing Warranty, the XL5000 redefines excellence and elevates your spa ownership experience.

Envision Your Escape

  • The XL5000 by Solstice Leisure Spas promises more than a spa; it offers an escape into a world of luxury, rejuvenation, and invigoration. It’s time to elevate your expectations and experience the extraordinary.